Mortal Musings

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A frustrated muse unwittingly casts a spell that materializes her in mortal form—right in front of her latest ungrateful charge.

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Muse Alexandra has had it with the arrogant, ungrateful humans she is obligated to inspire. When the internal ranting of her latest charge pushes her past reason, she disregards the rules and forces her own words through his fingers, and is instantly entrapped in mortal form. With no magic, no identity, and no resources, Allie has no alternative but to navigate the mortal realm, depending entirely on her reluctant host while discerning what exactly caused her transformation—and how to reverse it.

Brett doesn’t have a chance to consider the words that mysteriously showed up on his screen; he’s too distracted by the stunning woman who appeared in his office out of nowhere. Before his brain can catch up, Brett’s uninvited guest becomes enmeshed in his everyday life. Her artless innocence gradually lessens his suspicions. Most importantly, the writer’s block that’s been plaguing him dissolves under the fantasies the naively beguiling Alexandra inspires.

All too soon, the forced proximity sparks a confounding awareness neither writer nor muse are able to resist.

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I first began writing this story during an independent study course in Creative Writing, many years ago. The broad strokes of the story were planned all the way through, but the novel itself was never finished, though I revisited it several times. I decided to attempt it yet again, with some elements re-envisioned, during the July 2013 session of Camp NaNoWriMo, and the first draft was finally completed that October!

After all the revising, it received its first traditional offer in November 2014, but ultimately found its fit with the path of independent publication.