Fragments That Fit

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When Shoshana Glass lands an interview for a senior position at a top venture capital firm, she can't believe her good luck. Until she’s dismissed before even saying hello. It might be that she’s underqualified. Or maybe turning down Luc Davin’s drunken advances the night before did the trick.

When she calls him out, Davin wastes no time cutting her down to size. Not finished humiliating her, he then offers her a different job—as his personal assistant. Being able to afford luxuries like food and heat trumps any remaining shreds of Shoshi’s pride so she accepts, on one condition: Davin can’t fire her for at least six months. Too bad he has no compunctions about making her want to quit.

Still if Davin thinks he can chew her up and spit her out, he's got another thing coming. Shoshi’s determined to make the most of this opportunity and walk away on her terms: with a résumé boost, a stronger network, and a cushion of savings tucked away.

But as she painstakingly gathers the fragments of her new life, Shoshi realizes the pieces may not fit together after all.