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A one-night stand with the sexy new dragon in town could force her into a fight to the death. Still, worth it?

Tia's been hiding among the humans for hundreds of years, evading her so-called birthright. But when a hot new dragon arrives in her city, she doesn't run fast enough. The pull to be with her own kind is just too strong. Too bad the newcomer is determined to drag her back for the ritual she escaped.

Did she say "ritual"? Make that "fight to the death."

Azar never dreamed he'd be the one to find her: the spoiled, selfish princess who doomed all the dragons. Only it turns out the Subir's sister is nothing like he was told. She's fierce, shrewd, and stunning, and she throws everything he believes into question.

The one thing Azar knows without a doubt? Bringing her home is dragonkind's only hope.

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