Privacy Policy

I value my privacy, and I'm sure you do, too, so I've added this explicit privacy policy in an effort to explain when and how your information may be collected as you interact with my site, and how that information is used. Please note, I have no control over Google, Facebook, Twitter, Selz, or any other company with whom I must interact (and on whom I depend to keep this site functioning) due to the reality of the Internet today. Information provided to me via those platforms is transmitted at your own risk.
  • These companies should all have their own privacy policies, and I encourage you to read those policies if you have questions about how they collect, use, or store your data.

Ways I am aware your information will be collected through this site are if you:
  1. Post a comment on a blog post. 
    • You can choose to post comments anonymously, but often people choose to fill in their name and email (or log in to a provider such as Google to fill in this information automatically). If you submit such information with your comment, it will be collected & stored.
    • If you choose to receive email updates to blog post comments, your email address will be used (by Blogger) to provide those updates.
  2. Subscribe to blog updates by email (via Feedio), in which case your email address will be used to send you new blog posts. 
    • This will not subscribe you to my newsletter (see #4).
  3. Fill out the contact form. 
    • If you would like a response, you need to submit a valid email address, which will be collected and then used to respond to your message, and to follow up as appropriate. This will not subscribe you to any lists.
  4. Subscribe to my newsletter. 
    • In order to subscribe, you will need to provide at a minimum your email address, though I also ask for your name to personalize our communication. My newsletter is hosted through both MailChimp and MailerLite, both of which are committed to hosting your data securely. Both track data on how subscribers interact with each email sent, such as open & click rates.

      You can unsubscribe from my newsletter at any time by clicking the link in the footer of any newsletter you receive from me, or by emailing:
  5. Make a purchase through the Store page. 
    • Information for purchases made through pop-ups on this page is actually being collected & processed by Selz in order to process payment information securely. Information submitted through that form will be used to fulfill the purchase (e.g. ship it to the address you provide, or autograph items to a specific name).
    • Alternatively, links on that page send you directly to Selz or to my store on Zazzle. Zazzle also collects your information in order to process & fulfill your purchase, however that entire process is handled by them (for example, I do not receive your shipping address for those purchases, as all orders are fulfilled by Zazzle).
  6. Enter a giveaway. 
    • Most giveaways hosted by me on this site are offered using a Rafflecopter widget, which collects & stores all entry information. Email addresses provided will be used to contact the winner, and if provided, physical mailing addresses will be used to mail winner's (or winners') prizes. Some giveaways may depend on leaving a blog comment for entry (see #1).
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact page or directly at