My Books

Mending Heartstrings is a sweet contemporary romance and my first completed novel.  This is the manuscript I began for NaNoWriMo 2012 that put me on the road to publication. It is the 1st Forging Forever book.

Tasting Temptation is the 2nd Forging Forever book, a spicy contemporary romance. It focuses on Gina Sabatino, an important character from Mending Heartstrings, whose main characters also make a few appearances.

Taking Chances is a sweet standalone novella in the Forging Forever world, featuring Kane's bass guitarist, Bobby, and a young singer named Liz Anne. Officially #2.5 in the series, it is now available!

Mortal Musings is the first novel I ever started writing, though thankfully that version will never see the light of day. The re-envisioned and much-improved version was a 2016 Booksellers' Best Award finalist! This is a steamy fish out of water romance with paranormal elements.

The Whedonite is a sweet short story of geeky love! Originally published in the anthology I Heart Geeks, it is now available as a standalone.

Immortalized in Ink is a brand new, somewhat eclectic collection of flash fiction stories that range in styles and genres. Some are heartwarming, some fantastical, and some quite dark. Consider yourselves warned. 😉

Life Under Examination is a collection of poetry written since the start of the 21st century. It is the winner of the 2013 Blogger Book Fair Reader's Choice Awards!

Works in Progress

Fallen was a spontaneous idea that insisted on being written immediately. Because it's in an unfamiliar mode, and on a tough topic, it took quite a while longer to write than my previous projects, with the first draft taking over 30 months.

My 2015 NaNoWriMo project was L & S, which introduces a brand new set of characters.

Other Stories

Day By Day is my contribution to the inaugural Scripting Change collection, Seeing Past Sickness, the proceeds from which are donated to help college students facing chronic illness.

The pieces Immortalized in Ink and Creation are included in the second Scripting Change collection, Beyond the Words, the proceeds from which are donated to nonprofits championing literacy efforts in their communities.

Be A Man is the story I wrote for the third Scripting Change anthology, Breaking Free, the proceeds from which are donated to provide safety and support for victims of domestic violence.