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About Fragments That Fit:

“An emotional read that will have you crying one moment and cheering for Shoshana the next. … I highly recommend this novel.”
— Peggy Jo Wipf at Readers' Favorite

“Such an enjoyable binge read… Glazki does an amazing job of fleshing out her characters, which made them relatable, vulnerable, and understandable.”
“Smart and sweet, with strong characters and a love story that pulls you in. It is realistic and complex and still gives you the satisfaction of a happy ending. If anybody doubts that you can be a feminist and love romance novels, this book will prove you wrong!”
"The characters are poignant and relatable, and the story unfolds in a way that is just so gripping. 100% recommend - artfully written, entertaining, and heartwarming."
"As a Jewish person, this book really hit on many aspects of being Jewish in a Christian society that are very often ignored. I enjoyed how really real this book felt... Overall I absolutely enjoyed and would recommend!"

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About Fallen:

"An inspiring and tear-jerking masterpiece... Insightful characterization, setting descriptions comparable to F. Scott Fitzgerald... In all, a sublime literary romance that is not to be missed. Fabulous writing!"
— Jon Michael Miller at Readers' Favorite

"A pre-humous celebration of life that oscillates between enjoying the escapism and confronting the inevitable. It is delightful in its pacing, and the story's composite parts (particularly scene descriptions and especially dialogue) ebb and flow as they would at a real party. While the story's settings are inherently lavish, the writing avoids wasting time and effort on bombastic stylistic gambits. This refrain pays off in the form of richly developed characters, imbued with psychological complexity."
—Judge, 30th Annual Writer’s Digest
Self-Published Book Awards

"A beautifully written book that left me feeling overwhelmed at the talent of this author. Everyone should read it!"

“This story captured my heart from the very first page... Violetta and Adrian jumped from the pages and pulled me right in.”
Pat W

“So good. Heartbreaking, but beautiful.”

"Better have tissues ready because I think you will need them. Happiness and sadness go hand in hand in this heartrending love story."

"Loved this book. It was consuming in the best way. Characters were endearing and the ending gutted me."

“A beautiful tragic storyline... Loved reading this and couldn’t stop.”

"Wonderful story, well-written and interesting characters. This one doesn’t have an HEA, but it’s worth reading for the story. Loved it!"
Lola T

"A beautiful story of an old theme and the everlasting question of what is really important in life."

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About Summer Seduction:

"Well-written hidden gem... I love the openly awkward nature of the characters. It was wildly refreshing and realistic."

"If you are looking for a schmexy quick read without a lot of angst, grab this book!"

“If you’re looking for a book that will keep your mind entertained while teasing your imagination, this is it! It was nice to see a story where the female is the powerful, sexual person. The characters show a perfect balance of real life emotions and challenges which really helped to make it relatable. This is a really quick read and well written.”

“The chemistry between the characters kept me totally hooked until the very last page!”

“I got hooked right away and read it very quickly — it's a story with relatable characters who have a tension that will keep you riveted. Definitely recommend for the mature reader who likes some heat!”

"I loved that the author kept it real for the couple and made the story believable. Great Job!!"

"The description of their first sexual encounter was amazingly told, steamy, hot... A well-edited enjoyable story which I can gladly recommend."

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About Mending Heartstrings:

"I think I'm in love with Mending Heartstrings. Like, legit love. I knew once I had seen the blurb that this story would be the one for me. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. From the very first page, I melted...

Kane and Elle are a great example of love and what love means. It isn't always easy, but it's so worth it. I absolutely adored the book's depth."
—Jessica at The Lovely Books

"A great story of finding someone when you least expect it and not letting misunderstandings stop you from being together. A fun sweet romance to curl in a chair with and get lost in."

"This book was exactly what I needed. A heartfelt love story about learning to overcome being hurt in love before, taking a leap on something that is outside of your norm and taking a leap of faith on love again."

"I really liked these characters and connected to them immediately. In fact, I got a few chills and smiled a bunch right away. And there are tons of tears and lots of smiles all though the book...

Aria proves that no matter how many romances you read (in barely a 2-month period), and how much you already suspect that the boy & girl will end up together, it can still be written in such a way as to suck you in. And I was properly sucked in."
—Lloyd at The Book Sage

"I read ‘Mending Heartstrings’ in one sitting because I was instantly hooked on Kane and Elle’s story. Glazki has written this story beautifully and couldn’t have made you connect with the characters any more if she tried. Her writing style is that of which a lot of authors could learn from. She ensures that the sentences flow perfectly and never did it feel ‘forced’."
—Megan at Published Moments

"Aria Glazki makes her characters work for it, and that keeps you hooked … Mending Heartstrings is a splendid romance read. It's a great choice for someone that wants more character driven plot as opposed to hot and steamy. With fun characters, a few twists in the plot, and plenty of emotion, I recommend checking it out."

"This isn't the typical romance story in which two people meet, eyef*ck each other for 30 pages, manage to have relations for 182 pages, endure some type of angst for 5 pages then bang each other into the land of Happily Ever After.

This is a romance in which both people are interested in each other, but both have issues when it comes to dealing with people and relationships. This story seemed to be more realistic in terms of how Elle and Kane were with each other…Overall this is a good story that I'm glad I got a chance to read."
— Nicole at My Book Filled Life

"I am surprised and delighted by how much I enjoyed Mending Heartstrings. The romance was real, with all the ups and downs that make us know we are alive and in love."

"A sweet piece about people trying to get to know each other, fall in love and find a way to be together... The characters are down to earth, with real life (well, as real life as you can get when one of you is a recording artist) issues and interactions. You can totally put yourself in their shoes."

"A story I wanted to just keep going, with characters I’d like to see again!"

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About Tasting Temptation:

"This story is emotionally gripping and explosive... Glazki really knows how to write a book, and she keeps your attention with real situations and hot men."
—Emma at BiblioManiac

"Wow, wow and once again wow. This is one of the best contemporary romance books I have read all year... The plot was very well thought through, the story flowed well and the book is so easy to read. This, for me, was a book I did not want to put down."

"Tasting Temptation is an enjoyable read with some very hot naughtiness thrown in... The author does a phenomenal job of describing the wine country and all the scene details throughout the book. Her attention to detail shows throughout. "

"Novels that are strictly romance are not big on my hit list, but I love Gina and Hunter. Their romance left me as breathless as Gina was... Aria Glazki’s writing had me unable to quit."

"I loved Tasting Temptation even more than the previous installment in the Forging Forever series due to its complex story-line, the vulnerability of the main characters, and the passion between the hero and heroine... Aria Glazki did an amazing job."

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About Taking Chances:

"Their love story was beautifully told each step of the way."

"Like sweet tea on a hot summer day!"

"A beautiful story... I loved the interaction between all of the characters. The directness and honesty in their words and actions made it a truly memorable read."

"I loved the little things that made me feel like Glazki has spent time in TN."

"A great storyline and very detailed characters which made this book really hard to put down until I read the very last page!"

About Mortal Musings:

"Allie and Brett are captivating and their chemistry is magnetic. The story is sweet, magical, and marvelously twisty. “Mortal Musings” is a short Romance so the writing is tight and the angsty introspection is blissfully minimal while the character development is plentiful. In short, “Mortal Musings” was short, sweet, and steamy!"

"The premise was a fun one and very imaginative. This is a fun read and worth the time. I can recommend Mortal Musings without hesitation."

"I really liked this story; the whole “fish out of water” trope is one of my favorite tropes and the author does a superb job with it. Each character was likeable, especially Allie and Brett. She was adorable with her naivety and innocence and he was super sexy with his kindness and understanding. They are an ideal couple and their relationship is delightful to watch as it unfolds. If looking for a short and sweet romance with a touch of paranormal I would highly suggest giving Mortal Musings a try."

"The thing about this book is that it is understated. Quite understated.

The author, Ms. Glazki, has done a brilliant job of describing everything from the non–human acclimating to the human world to describing how a cynical author understands the power of love and how these brilliantly opposing characters come to see and adore each other for what they actually are."

"The slow sweet, innocent and tentative moves toward closeness is so romantic, captivating and sensual. I love the slow pace as their relationship develops, even though it has only been days. Nothing is rushed or hurried...

It is so hard to describe the details without spoiling it for you and I want you to have the enjoyment of discovering it for yourself."

"This is a lovely fantasy romance. It's funny and emotional. The hero has just as much to learn as our heroine. Just totally different things. Great escapism."
— Petula at Warrior Woman Winmill

"A must read for any and all that love romance and magic."

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About Life Under Examination:

"Life Under Examination deserves more than a 5-star rating for it is a collection that can, and will, touch each and every one."

"It is certainly a book one will want to peruse time and time again."
— Donna L. Sadd

"Due to the strong emotions this book of poetry brought forth, I give it: 5 Stars."

"After reading Glazki's work, my honest opinion is that she has got an outstanding talent for writing, undoubtedly including poetry. Her style is unique, heart-touching, emotionally intelligent and thought-provoking. She deals with serious and diverse personal and social life issues with dexterity and finesse."