April 20, 2020

Something Special to Wrap Up the Month!

How are you doing? How are you holding up with sheltering in place or being an essential worker? There have been multiple confirmed cases of the virus in my direct circle, which is unsurprising but still troubling. I'm hoping they all recover, and I'm also worried about each of you. Are you staying safe?

As we head into the last third of April, many of us have been sheltering in place or self-isolating for many weeks. Some may be starting to go stir-crazy even as we try to stay connected through all the awesome virtual tools available to us. We try to show up for family celebrations, to check in on friends, to continue with our studies or our work.

We're also consuming an extraordinary amount of art, whether socially distanced virtual concerts, previously filmed performances being made available for free (Broadway, ballet, opera, classical music, and so much more), that television show you've been meaning to binge, the movie queue waiting on your favorite streaming service, or of course that massive TBR pile I know you have. As that art hopefully brings you comfort, please don't forget the creators behind it who could use your support, including a reminder that their work matters. Reach out on social media, boost their work, leave a review, etc. Especially as we try to continue creating amid everything going on, the support truly helps.

As for me, I've been working on a story I've so far only talked about on Patreon, basically in an attempt not to jinx the process. Hopefully I won't undo all that by telling you all about it now. But since this story has surpassed 50,000 words and it's also my birthday week, I've decided to offer something special!

Before I tell you what that is, I recognize that times are especially tough for many of us right now. I want to emphasize that all my readers are important to me, and every patron at any tier is invaluable! The emotional impact of knowing you value what I can create is as important as any financial support you may be able to offer.

But like I said, I wanted to offer something special:

Have a character named for you!

Everyone in the Benefactor tier or higher (check them all out here) as of midnight 4/30/20 will have a character named after them (or a loved one) in my new Dragon Shifter story!

The basics:
  • Every eligible patron will have one character named after whomever they choose. 
    • You, a loved one, an enemy you'd like to see get what's coming to them (see next point)... It's entirely your choice!
  • Everyone pledging $5 and up will get to choose your character type: good/neutral or a bad guy.
    • At this (the Insider) tier, you'll also get a personal thank you card and free e-copies of every book published while you're a patron!
  • There are many currently unnamed characters, but of course the number is still limited. If I happen to run out, your name will be added to a list for future stories! Like possible spinoffs of this one. We'll see. 😉
  • Plus all patrons get exclusive early access to chapters of my stories, cover designs, and more!

See all the details here or to learn more about this whole Patreon thing, click here. Like I said above, you can help simply by spreading the word, including by sharing my Facebook or Twitter posts about this special offer.

I'm excited to include you in this story! 💕