June 27, 2022

Cover Reveal for Unleashed: A Defiant Dragons Novel

Status Update: Thanks to antivirals, I am doing much better than I expected to be at this point (hooray!). I'm still struggling with pretty bad weakness and shortness of breath, which is extremely frustrating. But I'm starting to be able to do a little work like this post (and the accompanying newsletter). 

Thanks for your understanding and support as I try to recover. 💕

This cover design is all due to a lovely bit of luck and a wonderful designer's generosity, and I'm thrilled to finally be sharing it publicly. I've been sitting on it for over two years!

So without further ado, here is the cover for Unleashed, designed by the super talented Danielle Fine of Design by Definition Covers

The blurb is as rough as the manuscript, but here's a quick look at what this story is about:
Tia's been hiding among the humans for hundreds of years, and she has her system down. But when a new dragon arrives in her city, she doesn't run fast enough. Alluring as he is, the newcomer is determined to drag her back for the ritual she'd escaped.

Did she say "ritual"? Make that "fight to the death."

Azar never dreamed he'd be the one to find her: the spoiled, selfish princess who doomed all the dragons. Only it turns out the Sovereign's sister  is nothing like he was told. She's fierce, shrewd, and stunning, and she throws everything he believes into question.

The one thing Azar knows without a doubt? Bringing her home is dragonkind's only hope.

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What do you think?? Let me know in the comments! 💕

June 16, 2022

Making a Major Change with Exciting News!

A version of this post went up here on my Patreon, but unlike there, this post allows public comments. So please let me know your thoughts!

As you know, this year my focus is on giving my Patreon the best possible chance of success I can manage, so that I don't have to give up writing. To that end, I've been learning from other authors in several different spaces, and naturally, I'm working on implementing their advice. It's been (and continues to be) a huge mindset shift from indie publishing, and I'm going to be making some big changes going forward. 

Some things I have already implemented, like updating tier descriptions and benefits, and even adding images: 

This is a cropped screen grab, but you can check out all the updated tiers here

As you can see, the $1 tier is now support only. That's really nerve-wracking, saying: "Support my writing for nothing extra in return."  But so many other writers have told me this is the right way to go, so I'm going to try. This tier will also get early access occasionally when all Patrons will see posts before they become public, but I haven't found a good way to say that concisely. (Suggestions welcome!) I figure people won't be complaining about getting more than they expect, right?

Eagle-eyed readers may also have caught something else:

💫 🐉 🌟 The Biggest Change: 🌟 🐉 💫

I will be releasing the entirely rough current draft of Unleashed (aka "The Dragon Story") on Patreon (at the Benefactor tier and higher). 

And, on a serial fiction platform (or maybe several). I haven't yet decided which other platform(s) the story will go on, which depends in part on hearing back from one to which I had to apply, where authors can get paid for their stories. Depending on if/when I hear, I may be putting it up for free elsewhere, which is frightening and very counterintuitive for me (artists deserve to be paid for their work!!!).

However, it's apparently the best possible way to get more eyes on my writing. (Sort of like putting up free content on Youtube but having a Patreon.)

The basic way this will work is that "chapters" will absolutely always go up on Patreon first, and the Patreon will always be multiple chapters ahead of what's available elsewhere (until we reach the end of the story, that is). 
I say "chapters" because these will not be like book chapters. Rather, they will likely be one or two scenes at a time, so this story in this form might end up with a hundred chapters, though the final book someday will have a more traditional chapter breakdown. 

This text will be ROUGH.  As in, rougher than even what I would normally have sent my writing group in days gone by. It is the story as it currently sits on my computer, which normally I wouldn't let anyone read (and so far haven't). The magic system isn't entirely figured out, not every character has names, and there may be massive plot holes or other embarrassing things. It will be rougher than any writing I have ever shared.
Apparently, this is the kind of thing readers love seeing, but it is terrifying for me. 

On the plus side, since I do have the entire draft finished, I should be able to have a reliable release schedule. I will also continue working on polishing the story when I can, so there's a chance the later chapters will be in much better shape than the early ones (hopefully). 

This also means I will be doing a cover reveal next week! I hope to release the first couple chapters on Patreon before the end of this month, and I'm currently planning to have them go public in early July—at which point they will also be available here on my blog, to allow for public commenting.

Ultimately, I hope you all see that I am working hard to try to keep doing this writing thing. And I would love to hear what you think of this plan! 💕