October 12, 2020

Something to Celebrate!

To say 2020 has been and continues to be difficult may be the greatest understatement imaginable. As we all grapple with stress, uncertainty, and loss, joy can feel incongruous. And yet, that's precisely why it seems important to grab on to any cause for celebration, to commemorate our achievements or simply take a moment away from the incessant turmoil of the year.

Since I've found myself with something to celebrate, I wanted to share this moment of happiness with you. What's this big news?

I've finished the first draft of the Dragon Story

(Check out the draft book description, an excerpt, and much more on Patreon.)

Started back in February, before 2020 fully imploded and trapped us all in its depths, this story is quite different than my previous books, with fantasy creatures and pocket dimensions mixed in with the heartfelt emotions you can always expect from my writing. World-building to this extent is new for me, and many revisions await, but there is a story hidden in those ~85,000 words. It exists. 

So I'm giving away three different prize packs celebrating my published romances! Check out the details and enter to win below. 💕

Photo featuring items from all three prize packs described below

Summer Seduction Prize Pack:


Mortal Musings Prize Pack:


Forging Forever Mega Prize Pack:


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