September 27, 2023

Unleashed is officially available—plus a BONUS!

I started this story in February 2020, and since then life has certainly been a whirlwind with far too many lows for far too many of us. But I'm thrilled to finally have this story finished and available for all those readers who stuck by me as I worked on it.

Not sure this story is for you? Here's what some early readers had to say:
Unleashed by Aria Glazki (book cover)
"A captivating and seductive story, full of rhythm and action, which I absolutely loved." (Lucia)

"If you love a strong female lead, obligations that come at a heavy cost, a slow burn, and a strong male who is willing to accept his mistakes and stay by her side, then this book is for you!" (Renee)

"The author did an excellent job building out a really unique and interesting world with multiple dimensions, as well as fleshing out some multi-faceted main characters." (Nit)

"This was such a great slow burn novel. ... Loved this book in all of its glory. Excited for the sequel!" (Kara)

Plus, a free gift with purchase!

Email a screenshot of your purchase confirmation (or your confirmation email) for Unleashed to unleashed AT to receive your exclusive coloring page featuring a character from this story!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy here!

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