December 26, 2017

12 Days of Giveaways!

In honor of the holidays, fifteen authors have come together to bring you twelve days of swag giveaways!

Enter for a chance to win a box of goodies from one of these participating authors:

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October 9, 2017

Peeling Back the Curtain

Those of you who've been around for longer than a few months may have noticed that the frequency of my posts has dramatically diminished. Not only that, but you may have picked up on the fact that all my stated publishing plans have somehow just...vanished. Alongside all of that, I've just barely been popping in to social media accounts. Here's why, but fair warning, this post isn't upbeat or witty or any of those positive words. At most, it is honest.

And if honesty of this kind isn't something you want or need in your life, I understand. It's okay if you don't keep reading.

The thing is, since about May this year, I've been very ill. What started as a succession of acute problems (a bad flu, a minor outpatient procedure, an intense virus) has grown into a serious and debilitating one. I've stumped specialists who've seen it all, yet don't know how to help me. Though thank G-d the current one is still willing to try.

I've been on a constant stream of varying antibiotics since May (we're in month 6, for those counting), and even landed in the ER twice. Last month, with the help of a bunch of medication, I took a trip to see some friends one last time, in case it is the last time.

Through it all, I've tried so hard to keep up somehow. But when something like warming up a plate of food becomes an insurmountable challenge, things like the day job and writing fly out the window. I've also tried to keep all of this behind the scenes, but the weight of failure has been getting to me, and it certainly isn't helping.

I'm still working on Taking Chances when I can, but those times are rare. I'd like to think I could get it finished by the end of 2017, but the truth is, when my life is pills, and pain, and doctor's appointments, writing isn't an option. (Another reason this post took so long to write—besides denial—is it takes energy & time & focus I just don't have to spare.) I keep hoping things will turn around, and I'll magically catch up. But even if I were to be better tomorrow, I still won't catch up, and I feel terrible letting down those of you who are waiting for the next Forging Forever story, or for Fallen. 

I'm doing the best I can, and lately that means that making it into a five-minute shower is succeeding. I wish I had better news. I hope if I ever do get these stories out, if I do return to posting regularly here and on social media, that you'll still be here. But I also understand if you move on, to the countless other, more talented writers out there.

Just know that it isn't that I've forgotten you or that I stopped caring, about these characters or about my readers. But I'm hanging on by a thread. And I'm doing the best I can.

October 4, 2017

Escape into the Pages of a Romance

It's unusual for a writer to have trouble expressing themselves in written form, and yet the recent tragedies have certainly stolen my words. Hearts, prayers, thoughts are not enough, no matter that they're instinctively and sincerely offered. What happened in Las Vegas was senseless and devastating. Heartbreaking.

In the wake of such a tragedy, especially on the heels of the destruction and loss of life caused by the hurricanes, it is easy to feel powerless.

But one of the best things about reading fiction is that it always offers an escape from the world around us, and one of the best things about romance is the guaranteed happy ending. 

So while I am heartbroken, and I do feel powerless, I also hope that my book might give comfort, however temporary, to someone who needs it. You can all grab your free copy of Mending Heartstrings here.

In fact, there are dozens of free books featuring happy endings available for download right now. Whether you're a speed reader who needs lots of material to give you a boost in the days ahead, or you have specific tastes and want just the right read, head on over to the October Freebie Frenzy to find your next escape.

And take care of yourselves. 💕

(While you're there, you can also scroll down to enter the giveaway.)

September 7, 2017

Find a Great Read & Support Houston Relief! #AuthorsHelpingHouston

I should have posted this Monday, but life got in the way, and better late than never, right?

To help with the enormous effort ahead in rebuilding the homes and communities of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, a bunch of authors have pledged to donate the royalties from sales of books listed on this page!

Among those books is Mortal Musings, so if you've been waiting for some extra motivation to buy it, do it now! This is my paranormal romance about a frustrated muse who unintentionally materializes in mortal form—right in front of her latest ungrateful charge. 

And of course, if you're looking to discover new authors and great reads, this is a great place to start since your purchase will support Harvey Relief. So get to reading! 💕

August 28, 2017

Looking Back on My Beginning

Those of you who weren't around back then might not know that the very first thing I published was a collection of poetry. Fitting, since the very first thing I ever had published was a poem in a national young poets anthology. 

For a while now, I haven't done much with that collection, though it's continued to be available online. (I also have a few print copies available.) Occasionally, I go back and read some of the pieces included, most written over a decade ago. Sometimes they make me cringe; but sometimes they make me feel. More likely it depends on my own mood at the time. I certainly appreciate the positive reviews readers left back when the collection first came out!

For some reason, today (the day I wrote this post, anyway) was one of those days when I was drawn to reread the collection. I also decided to drop the price to $0.99. Maybe some of the pieces will speak to some of you—in which case I hope you'll let me know! 💕 

Here's one of the pieces from this collection that's closest to my heart:

August 1, 2017

Hazards of Outlining for a Pantser

August 1st, 2017. Can you believe it? (Really, can you?) I can't. But rather than dwell on that disturbing reality, I wanted to talk about outlines.

Plotters—people who like to plan (often every detail of) their stories before beginning to write—swear by things like outlines. They frequently advise everyone to figure out what the story will look like, chapter by chapter or even scene by scene, to make sure that the story hits the plot arc when necessary, that it comes together into a cohesive and hopefully compelling story. They swear by this method, because it saves time in revisions, keeps the writer focused when writing, and allows the drafting process to be so much faster! 

For them. 

As a pantser—the type of writer who prefers to sit down to a blank page and see where the story goes—outlines can often end up to be tremendous wastes of time. And let's not forget, all that time plotters "save" on writing, they're probably using on outlining. And because that works for them, letting them focus on the drafting with everything already figured out, that's great! 

But lately I keep seeing people really pushing every writer to outline. And some newer writers, even ones who know they're pantsers, end up pressured—or even bullied—into doing it, having been assured it's the way "real" writers do it. 

Well, there are reasons pantsers don't. Something I was reminded of quite recently. 

Stuck on a plane, I was actually reading a book—hard to believe, I know. Except this book's core premise was ticking me off a bit, and as much as I tried to keep going, every mention of this one aspect to the female MC irked me. So I had the idea of doing the opposite. How could I make it happen, and make it believable?

Over the rest of the flight, I wrote out a brief outline of what that story could look like, who these two MCs would be and how they could believably connect with each other while dealing with this "BIG ISSUE." I ended up writing over 2,000 words. 

So why is this a problem?

For one thing, pantsers who do try planning often find all that time and effort wasted once they (ahem, we) try to write. While I don't tend to outline, I've certainly jotted down notes with plans for later scenes in a WIP. Invariably, those ideas never come to fruition because that's just not how the story comes out. When it came to Bobby's story, trying to stick to the plan I mentally started with resulted in a huge block until I finally threw out that whole preconceived notion of how the story should go and got back to just writing.

For another, and I'm speaking for myself here but probably for some other pantsers as well: we get bored. Once I know how the story goes, how the characters meet, what their conflict is, and how that conflict ends up resolved—if I've already figured out all of those scene-by-scene details—I just don't have that much interest left in writing that story. 

So now I have those 2000 words and an outline. A part of me still hopes I'll end up quickly drafting out a full story someday (once I'm done with the current novella of course). But chances are greater that story, those characters, will never see the light of day. Maybe if I hadn't been on a plane, typing notes on an iPad (so uncomfortable), things would have been different.

Because for pantsers, figuring out all those pieces and getting them to fit together, seeing the story unfold from our words... Well, that's half the fun. 

July 11, 2017

Welcome to (mid-)July!

Can you believe (more than) half the year is behind us? I'm in one of those phases where it feels like there's far too much going on, and yet not much concrete to report on. However, I still wanted to check in and round up some of what's been happening lately.

First up is that Immortalized in Ink has received its first reviews, and they seem positive so far! Of course I'd still love to know what you think, so please do share your thoughts!

If you aren't sure this collection is right for you, then check out Nada's detailed review, or Viper's comments in the graphic to the left.

Meanwhile, I've been working on the print version, which will hopefully be available soon!

I am once again attempting Camp NaNoWriMo, which will hopefully allow me to make some significant progress on Bobby's story. In April, that only led to about 1000 words, and it's still a struggle this month—due to life but also simply the fact that writing is hard, which is a reminder we all need sometimes.

Are you writing this month? What projects are you working on?

In other news, I've received some lovely new reviews for Mending Heartstrings recently, including:
"An entertaining read with style and substance between an appealing main couple... I found myself fully immersed in this romance and ultimately satisfied by the quickly resolved conclusion from an author readers will want to keep an eye on in the future." —Jody, at Words of Wisdom
And one that truly captured some of the core reasons I wrote this story, my first novel, in the first place:
"One of my absolute favorite things about this book was that Sabella didn't compromise herself or her morals for Kane, despite the fact that so often women in romance novels do. She stayed true to her personal standards and her own moral code despite the fact that Kane could have any woman he wanted. In this day and age of women in romance novels caving to famous/rich/powerful men even though they didn't want to, it was refreshing that she made him wait until *she* was ready... 
If you enjoy a sweet, clean romance novel with two very likable characters who don't seem right for each other but who just work perfectly together, and don't instantly jump into bed together and who don't equate sex with love, you should give this one a try." —Heather
There have been a few more great reviews, and of course I encourage you to check them all out, or grab your own copy of the story if you haven't yet!

And lastly, I'd like to share that I will be an occasional contributor to a new group blog, Faces of Preexisting Conditions. The site is still a bit under construction, but a few posts are up already. The blog itself is about the experience of being an author while also balancing the demands of a chronic illness, and you can read my first post here.

As of right now, I'm not planning on cross-posting content that I wouldn't previously have posted here, though exciting book news is likely to show up both places. If you'd like to see a slightly different aspect to my life and my career—and to meet some more authors—I encourage you to head on over, or even subscribe to blog post updates (right-hand side on the site).

So there's my bit of news. Of course, I'd love to hear about what's been going on with all of you and what exciting things you have going on this summer! 💕

June 26, 2017

Sun-Sational Reader Reward Giveaway!

Can you believe it's been almost a year since Tasting Temptation came out??
I thought long and hard about the best way to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of this story, my third published novel and possibly the most complex one I've put out to date. I want to celebrate with you, my lovely readers, but I didn't want to do a simple giveaway of a signed copy.

So instead, I joined a MASSIVE giveaway with 33 other romance authors! Five huge packages of signed novels and fun swag are up for grabs, with signed copies of Mending Heartstrings and Tasting Temptation included! (Plus some Mortal Musings bumper stickers!) Of course, you can snag your own copy of Tasting Temptation right here:

or grab an Autographed Copy!

All About the Giveaway:

**Please note: this giveaway is for residents of the continental US. Shipping out of the country is insanely expensive. Oh, and the customs forms are zero fun too.**

Participating Authors:

A.D. Ellis | A.M. Myers | Alexandria Bishop | Amanda Roberts | Amy Olle | Anna Bloom | Annie Anderson | Aria Glazki | Bethany Lopez | Brandy Dorsch | Cecilia Lane | Emma Nichols | Emma Tharp | Emmanuelle de Maupassant | Holly Cortelyou | Ja'Nese Dixon | Joanne Dannon | Josie Kerr | K.L. Shandwick | Kelly Collins | Maggie Way | Mary Hughes | Melissa McClone | Monique McDonell | R.K. Close | Sharon Coady | Shelique Lize | Sonya Loveday | Tee Smith | Theresa Troutman | Tmonique Stephens | Tracey Pedersen | Tracy Lorraine | Wendy Knight

All packages will have the following:

  • Pen & lip balm from Theresa Troutman
  • Signed copy of Raising the Phoenix by Emma Nichols

Package #1

Love Kissed Books Tote Bag
Journal from Sonya Loveday
Bath Bomb
Facial Mask
Embroidery from China (Seriously, the author is in China and sent it!)

Signed copies of:
  • Scattered Ashes by Annie Anderson
  • Heart Mates by Mary Hughes
  • Elegant Retribution by Tee Smith
  • What it Takes by Sonya Loveday
  • What About Her by Emma Tharp
  • Black Diamond by Ja’Nese Dixon
  • Last Sweet Surrender by Holly Cortelyou
  • The Gentlemen’s Club by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Package #2

Love Kissed Books Tote Bag
Swag Pack from Melissa McClone
Swag Pack from Emma Nichols
Bath & Body Works basket from Shelique Lize

Signed copies of:
  • All at Sea by Tracey Pedersen
  • Always Room for Cupcakes by Bethany Lopez
  • Too Tempting by Bethany Lopez
  • The Valentine’s Quest by Melissa McClone
  • Dragon’s Touch by Cecilia Lane
  • Everlasting Hunger by Brandy Dorsch
  • The Gentlemen’s Club by Emmanuelle de Maupassant
  • The Bet by Emma Nichols

Package #3

Love Kissed Books Tote
Facial Mask
LipSense Package

Signed copies of:
  • Beautiful Ruin by Amy Olle
  • Mending Heartstrings by Aria Glazki
  • Tasting Temptation by Aria Glazki
  • The Gentlemen’s Club by Emmanuelle de Maupassant
  • Gibson’s Legacy by K.L. Shandwick
  • Last Sweet Surrender by Holly Cortelyou
  • Finding Flynn by Alexandria Bishop
  • Molly by Tracey Lorraine

Package #4

Maggie Way Author Tote
Collagen Lip Patch
Jamberry Pack
Compact Mirror

Signed copies of:
  • Downbeat by Mary Hughes
  • Black Diamond Jinn by Mary Hughes
  • Twice Shy by Mary Hughes
  • Heart Mates by Mary Hughes
  • London Loves by Theresa Troutman
  • She Will Be Loved by Theresa Troutman
  • Last Sweet Surrender by Holly Cortelyou
  • Black Diamond by Ja’Nese Dixon

Package #5

Monique McDonell Author Tote
Sleeping Mask
Peeling Gel

Signed copies of:
  • Everlasting Hunger by Brandy Dorsch 
  • Kicker by Josie Kerr 
  • Last Sweet Surrender by Holly Cortelyou 
  • Clarity by Sharon Coady 
  • Because of Beckett by A.D. Ellis 
  • For Nicky by A.D. Ellis 
  • Loving Josie by A.D. Ellis 
  • Christmas in Torey Hope by A.D. Ellis

***Please note: these packages are subject to change as some of the signed books and swag from authors arrives. (Some live overseas. Shipping takes much longer. Sorry!) Yes, this means the packages will only get BIGGER.***

Click here to view this promotion.

June 20, 2017

Immortalized in Ink is Now Available!

I'm so excited to share that my flash fiction collection, Immortalized in Ink, is officially available!

As you guys know, many of these stories started out as entries for the (former) weekly Flash! Friday contest, and therefore they adhered to the photo prompts, word count limits, and sporadic whims of the contest's creator. Revisiting these stories led to lots of cringing and some pleasant surprises. It also allowed me to revise pieces without the strict limitations provided by the contest.

Still, those stories reflect their roots, varying in genre, style, and tone, and they are complemented by other flash pieces written at different times. Some are heartwarming (I'm still me 😉), some fantastical, and some quite dark. I can't wait to hear what you think of them all!

Grab Your Copy:

June 15, 2017

Introducing The Demon Duke by Margaret Locke

Author Margaret Locke and I first met through Flash! Friday, a while before either of us had published a single novel. Now, just a few years later, Margaret is celebrating the release of her fourth book!  

The Demon Duke released June 6th and is the first in Margaret's new Put Up Your Dukes series. In it, a man tormented by a painful secret meets the bookish miss who just might save him from himself.

Please join me in congratulating Margaret on her accomplishment, and if you're a fan of regency romance, check out The Demon Duke!

Behind every good man is a great secret.

Banished to Yorkshire as a boy for faults his father failed to beat out of him, Damon Blackbourne has no use for English society and had vowed never to return to his family's estate at Thorne Hill, much less London. However, when his father and brother die in a freak carriage accident, it falls on Damon to take up the mantle of the Malford dukedom, and to introduce his sisters to London Society—his worst nightmare come to life.

He never planned on Lady Grace Mattersley. The beautiful debutante stirs him body and soul with her deep chocolate eyes and hesitant smiles. Until she stumbles across his dark secret.

Bookish Grace much prefers solitude and reading to social just-about-anything. Her family may be pressuring her to take on the London Season to find herself a husband, but she has other ideas. Such as writing a novel of her own. But she has no idea how to deal with the Duke of Malford.

Will she betray him to the world? Or will she be his saving Grace?

Grab your copy!

About Margaret:

A lover of romance novels since the age of ten (don't tell her mom!), Margaret Locke declared as a teen she'd write romances when she was older. Once an adult, however, she figured she ought to be doing grownup things, not penning love stories. Thank goodness turning forty cured her of that silly notion. Margaret is now happily ensconced back in the clutches of her first crush, this time as an author as well as a reader. Because love matters.

Margaret lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with her fantastic husband, two fabulous kids, and three fat cats. You can usually find her in front of some sort of screen (electronic or window); she's come to terms with the fact she's not an outdoors person.

Connect with Margaret through:
Her website - Facebook - Goodreads - Instagram - Twitter - Bookbub - Amazon
or join her VIP Email Club!

June 5, 2017

Mending Heartstrings is Now Available in Kindle Unlimited!

Welcome to June! It's going to be a fairly busy month, especially with the upcoming release of Immortalized in Ink. The collection is shaping up to be fairly different from any of my romances, with quite a few dark pieces involved (fair warning). Still, I hope people will give it a shot. 
    Psst. There will be a special subscriber-only opportunity regarding this collection announced before the release. Make sure you're in the know by subscribing to my newsletter!

Meanwhile, let's focus on something more fun than inescapable author insecurity. 😉 In case this post's title hasn't given it away, sweet contemporary romance Mending Heartstrings is now available to read free in Kindle Unlimited!

If you don't have a KU subscription, you can always check out their free trial (in which case you may also want to check out Mortal Musings before it leaves KU later this month). 

And while we're talking about KU books, don't forget to check out this month's Kindle Unlimited Challenge & Giveaway hosted by Love Kissed Book Bargains!

May 8, 2017

Cover Reveal! And More Fun:

I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA on all fronts lately. I have only the usual and slightly boring explanation of life getting in the way and being overcommitted at the day job. 

The more interesting news is I'm working on getting back on track ASAP. First up: releasing my flash fiction collection! Though the release date is still TBD, I have a tentative deadline for myself of mid-June. And to show you how committed I am, I wanted to share the cover! 

What do you think?? Let me know in the comments!

If you're looking for something fun to read in the meanwhile, check out the books in May's Kindle Unlimited challenge! (Don't have KU? Learn about their free trial here.) 

Then don't forget to enter the giveaway!

April 10, 2017

Looking Back on Last Week and More Exciting News!

All the excitement of last week's free promotion for Mortal Musings was such a wonderful surprise. Having my book downloaded in 10 countries was amazing enough, but the story also reached #17 in the Paranormal Romance category on Amazon in the US—plus top 60 in Italy and Spain, #22 in the UK, and top 20 in two separate categories in Canada!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what all those readers think about my book (and of course I'm kind of scared they'll hate it). Whether you just downloaded this story or you've read it in the past, here's your friendly reminder to please leave an honest review. I really do want to know what you think!

In the meanwhile, I have even more exciting news:

For the first time ever, Tasting Temptation is on sale for only $0.99!

"This story is emotionally gripping and explosive... Glazki really knows how to write a book, and she keeps your attention with real situations and hot men." 

After last summer's failed attempt at romance, Gina is absolutely done with men. And especially with million-aires. But scratching an itch with the bartender at her best friend's wedding couldn't hurt. Right?

Grab your copy:

It may be only luck that this joint promotion coincides with Passover, which starts tonight, but what better way to commemorate the holiday than with a story focused on fighting to find emotional freedom from the past? Do keep in mind, however, that this is an explicit romance.

So Chag Sameach to those celebrating Passover—and Happy Easter to those who will be celebrating this weekend!

And there's more:

Once you've grabbed your copy of Tasting Temptation, don't forget to head on over to the Love Kissed Book Bargains site to check out more discounted romances and enter the Super Sale Giveaway!

April 3, 2017

Welcome to April with FREE Reads & a Giveaway!

Welcome to the April FREE For All & Giveaway Event!

April 2–6, 2017

Thank you for being loyal readers! To show their appreciation, a whole host of romance authors have come together to offer you books  for FREE—plus a giveaway, of course. Among the books you'll find my lighthearted paranormal, Mortal Musings. Download one book or all—maybe you'll find your next favorite author!

(Don't have a Kindle? Don't worry. Read with the FREE Kindle App.)

Please note: these books may not be free on other Amazon sites, and many of these books are free for a limited time only.

March 27, 2017

Being a Slow Writer in a Fast-paced Marketplace

For some people, writing 10,000 words is easy. Heck, for some writers I know, writing 40,000+ in one marathon writing session isn't unheard of. But for me, even 1,000-word days aren't common, because I'm a painfully slow writer. Sometimes, 100 words can take hours (and that's not counting the editing to come). 

This isn't because of the ever-elusive notion of inspiration, though of course it can be easier to write if I know what will happen next, what the scene should look like. If I don't have to do research as I go to make sure that what I'm writing in my contemporary (i.e. real-world) story could reasonably happen. 

Slower writers are at a disadvantage in today's publishing landscape, where the #1 piece of advice is to keep putting new work out—and often—to keep readers' attention, maximize marketing opportunities, etc. If you aren't on par with authors such as George R. R. Martin, you just don't have the luxury of waiting years between books. Even traditionally published authors try to write more than one series or genre with different houses, specifically so that they can publish more often than the traditional pace of no more than one book a year.

Sometimes as I write, or more accurately sit struggling to write the next line, I remind myself that I ultimately make up a lot of the time in the editing process. Faster writers often need more intense revisions because their drafting method is of the "get words on the page, any words, good, bad or ugly, just do it" style. To be clear, it's great that that works for them. It's an element of my own writing too sometimes, to a lesser extent. But ultimately, that's just not my writing style. 

Of course, my first drafts are still pretty terrible. Just ask my critique group (who don't see my very first draft anyway, but you get the point). But, they're usually readable and more or less coherent. You can see what the story is at its core, where it's going, who the characters are, etc. I have never had to delete entire subplots or add new ones, or finish out ones that started and went nowhere. I don't tend to add new characters, or delete ones either—not because I plan things out before I start writing, but because I think things through carefully as I go, even when the story veers somewhere I didn't expect. Ultimately, all of that slows down the writing itself, and forcing that word count up bit by bit can be draining, and disheartening.

And I know I'm not alone, being a slow writer in this fast-paced new wave of publishing. More experienced authors have even offered workshops on how to balance all those reader expectations and marketing opportunities with being a "slow" content creator. Even Kafka struggled, as this photo I recently came across shows:

All that to say, I know it's been a while since my last book came out, and meanwhile I haven't even announced a release date for the next one. But I personally can't write them any faster than I do. And I hope you'll find the wait worth it.

March 13, 2017

Just a Quick Update

It's been a while since I've posted about my projects, so I figure it's time for an update! Here's what's going on:

Fallen: I would really like to get this story edited and published before the end of the year (2017). Of course, I have underestimated the amount of time required just about every step of the way with this story so far, so please don't hold it against me if that doesn't happen. 

Part of the holdup with Fallen is that, before diving into those edits, I would really like to get Bobby & Lizanne's story finished up and out so you all can read it. The good news is I've already chosen a cover image! The bad news is that I don't have a title, and I'm only about halfway through the first draft at this point. But this story is where I'm trying to put the bulk of my writing focus right now. 

Meanwhile, I've also returned to the idea of brushing up all those flash fiction stories I've written—for contests like Flash! Friday or for Scripting Change or in general—and then putting them together into a collection. This is one of those things that should be easy, since each piece is written and short and just needs some editing... But then there's putting all those disjointed pieces together into one collection, ordering them for a smooth read, and a million other decisions to help the collection be enjoyable for readers, i.e. all of you

So that's what's going on with me. I'll be sharing updates on any fun promotions or exciting news as those roll in, and of course you can stay in touch via my newsletter or the VIP Reader Group

Meanwhile, I'd love to know: what's been going on with you??

February 20, 2017

I Love My Readers—So I Added a Prize!

With so many enthusiastic entries into the giveaway celebrating my blog anniversary and the birthday of Mending Heartstrings, I thought having only one winner would be a shame. So I added a prize!

The original prize—a box filled with romance books & goodies, plus winner's choice of any of my books—went to:
Linda H.!

The added prize was a print copy of the I Heart Geeks anthology—signed by three authors and the editor! The winner is:
Christina A.!

Both winners have been emailed, so check your inboxes! (If for some reason they don't respond, new winners will be drawn and notified.) Thanks everyone for entering and helping me celebrate! ❤️

Last Chance!

Today is the last day to get your copy of Mending Heartstrings at the discounted price of $0.99!
(That's 75% OFF!)

Grab your copy:

February 6, 2017

Two Anniversaries—One Huge Party!

Over the weekend, this blog turned 4! And Thursday is the one-year anniversary of Mending Heartstrings!!

With everything going on in the world, it's nice to have something to celebrate—so I'm going all out with the festivities! (And overusing exclamation points!)

First up, if you're new to my writing, taking your time with my books, or just haven't gotten around to reading my sweet contemporary romance yet, now's your chance:
Mending Heartstrings is now on sale for only $0.99!

Grab your copy:

Mending Heartstrings' actual one-year mark is on February 9th, and as part of its birthday festivities, I'll be hosting an AMA (asking me anything) over on my Facebook page. Mark your calendars for Thursday, 2/9/17, starting at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern), and come asking me anything you'd like to know!

Think I'd stop there? I'm also offering you all a chance to win a box filled with romance goodies, with a tote bag and a whole bunch of books (including ARCs):

The box will include the winner's choice of an autographed copy of any of my books! Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Plus, you can enter to win a signed copy of Mending Heartstrings through Goodreads:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Mending Heartstrings by Aria Glazki

Mending Heartstrings

by Aria Glazki

Giveaway ends February 17, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

And if that still isn't enough, Mending Heartstrings is one of the books up for grabs in the Big Box of Love Giveaway! (ends 2/14)

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Whether we're just meeting now or you've been here from the beginning, I want to thank you for being a part of my writing journey. Please know that you can always reach out to me however you feel most comfortable, and I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with you! 

January 30, 2017

Fallen Cover Reveal—And a List of Firsts!

Do you remember the retelling I've been working on? No? I don't blame you, given that I started writing it on July 13, 2014. And last night—2 years, 6 months, and 16 days later—I finally finished the first draft, which came in at just under 30,000 words. (Yep, that's less than 1000 words a month. This project has been slow going.) 

Of course, in that same time frame, I've published three full-length novels and also drafted two (Tasting Temptation and L&S). Still, it's rough to compare the torturously slow pace of 30 months for 30,000 words with having completed the NaNoWriMo challenge three times (50,000 words in 30 days). Let's just say, nothing about this project has gone as expected. In fact, this project has become a collection of firsts for me, which I've listed below!

Not least of these surprises is the cover, which I purchased nearly a year ago. You read that correctly. Previously, I only considered cover designs when the text of a story was pretty close to being done—certainly close enough to send to beta readers. Have I mentioned that nothing with this story has really gone as planned? Well, last February, I noticed a pre-made cover on the Paper & Sage site that was almost perfect. Torn between waiting until the text was ready and snatching the cover up before someone else did, I ultimately decided to buy the cover right then. And I love the result! It's been agony not being able to share, which is why I decided to reveal the cover with the completion of the first draft and not wait until closer to publication, which is still quite a ways off. 

January 16, 2017

Big Box of Book Love Giveaway!

I may not be entirely sure where this next year will take my blog content and schedule, but I know that if you're here, you love books! So today, I have one (rhetorical) question for you:

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January 9, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 has been treating you all well so far. 

I have been thinking a lot about plans for the year—for my blog posts, publishing plans, and writing time, etc. As you can see, I've already made one big change by giving this site a new look! What do you think??
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I haven't made a decision about the posting schedule going forward—weekly? monthly? bimonthly? One of the concerns is the need to focus on writing fiction as opposed to only blog posts. And there's the fact that, now that I am focusing on indie publishing (for the moment), there isn't much to discuss in terms of process, or learning about the industry, etc.—subjects which dominated the early years of this blog. Do you have a preference for posting frequency?