October 4, 2017

Escape into the Pages of a Romance

It's unusual for a writer to have trouble expressing themselves in written form, and yet the recent tragedies have certainly stolen my words. Hearts, prayers, thoughts are not enough, no matter that they're instinctively and sincerely offered. What happened in Las Vegas was senseless and devastating. Heartbreaking.

In the wake of such a tragedy, especially on the heels of the destruction and loss of life caused by the hurricanes, it is easy to feel powerless.

But one of the best things about reading fiction is that it always offers an escape from the world around us, and one of the best things about romance is the guaranteed happy ending. 

So while I am heartbroken, and I do feel powerless, I also hope that my book might give comfort, however temporary, to someone who needs it. You can all grab your free copy of Mending Heartstrings here.

In fact, there are dozens of free books featuring happy endings available for download right now. Whether you're a speed reader who needs lots of material to give you a boost in the days ahead, or you have specific tastes and want just the right read, head on over to the October Freebie Frenzy to find your next escape.

And take care of yourselves. 💕

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  1. This book looks like something I would enjoy reading!!

    1. Thanks, Brenda :) Hope you'll let me know how you liked it when you do!