August 28, 2017

Looking Back on My Beginning

Those of you who weren't around back then might not know that the very first thing I published was a collection of poetry. Fitting, since the very first thing I ever had published was a poem in a national young poets anthology. 

For a while now, I haven't done much with that collection, though it's continued to be available online. (I also have a few print copies available.) Occasionally, I go back and read some of the pieces included, most written over a decade ago. Sometimes they make me cringe; but sometimes they make me feel. More likely it depends on my own mood at the time. I certainly appreciate the positive reviews readers left back when the collection first came out!

For some reason, today (the day I wrote this post, anyway) was one of those days when I was drawn to reread the collection. I also decided to drop the price to $0.99. Maybe some of the pieces will speak to some of you—in which case I hope you'll let me know! 💕 

Here's one of the pieces from this collection that's closest to my heart:


  1. I do love that cover and enjoyed the poems inside.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. Your a new Author for me
    Looking forward to reading your books

    1. Great to meet you, Lisa! Hope you enjoy my stories. :)