September 21, 2022

Trying New Things!

I'm working as hard as I can to share Unleashed with readers. To do that, I've been trying new things:

Unleashed is up on Kindle Vella!

It's been a bit of a nightmare to get there, and it will take a little while for the episodes to catch up to Radish. (Episodes will always be ahead on Patreon!)
But, the first few episodes are up for free on Vella!
You'll also have the option of leaving a review, which is an interesting feature for something unfinished. But I'd still really appreciate it!


I have also added this story to Ko-Fi!

Supporters there will have access to episodes on the same schedule as Radish, and folks will be able to read all posted episodes for 30 days after donating to support my writing.
Money donated on Ko-Fi also has a very specific goal: membership for the Author Alliance. In addition to education and other resources, joining the Author Alliance would make it less expensive for me to create (or update) print versions of my books. Of course, I'll also need to find money for the print covers, but one thing at a time.
I'd love to be able to create print versions of Summer Seduction and Fragments That Fit for you!


I have joined BookTok!

gif of one of Aria's TikTok videos


Yes, I know how ridiculous that may seem for someone who doesn't really create visual content and hates social media. But like I said, I'm trying.

At the moment, I'm posting every morning except Saturdays. I'd love it if you'd join me there! There are some sneak peek videos of Unleashed. 😉 

You can also—for the first time ever—hear my voice in this video

Lastly, I shared something extra-special!

Sharing Unleashed has given me a little more practice letting people see the rough version of my work. So to thank my Super Supporters, I shared the only written scene from Forging Forever #3, aka Trisha's story. 💕

And for those who might have missed this, Episode 16 of Unleashed posted today. If sexy Fantasy Romance featuring dragon shifters is your thing, don't forget to check it out!

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