December 13, 2013

Flash! Friday: Year Two

It's week 53 for Flash! Friday, which means it's the start of year two, and in addition to a new visual theme, we have some new rules!
  • Going forward, every prompt will stick to the same word count: 150 +/- 10.
  • Each photo prompt will also be accompanied by a new mandatory element that must be included in the story. 
This week's mandatory element is laughter, in a story based on this prompt: 

Catch of the Day

Grant couldn’t make it stop, and he should have been used to it, but the twittering was still distracting. Focus.

Deliberately, he drew stale air into his lungs. Focus.

There was work to be done. Jittering fingers rifled through papers, seeking the next piece in this puzzle of history stacked before him. He had to make sense of it.

Ink-stained fingers opened the leather-bound journal filled with his notes, and still the hushed giggling persisted.

Just look. At this picture, see? What do you see?

A black-and-white photo drifted to the top of the pile, coaxed by the dance of his fingers. A man, a boy, a boat. Out on the water, in raggedy clothes. He jotted the details down, for posterity.

The melodic tittering continued.

Look, Grant. Focus on what you see.

His fingers stilled on the fishermen’s faces.

What do you see, Grant?

For a heartbeat, the laughter stopped.

Death, the voice inside him answered.

(160 words)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sherry. I actually thought you might not like this one...

    2. I like anything that makes me stretch myself. I will confess this is not one of my favorites, but I love how you took the pic and made something of it that surprised me. I consider that a job well done.^_^

    3. An unanticipated take on the image is something, at least :-)

    4. Just wanted to let you know I received my wonderful package. Look forward to reading it soonest. ^_^

    5. Ooh, I'm glad you got it! I was starting to get worried. Now I can just worry about your opinion ;-)

  2. Interesting take, Aria.
    Keep them coming.