February 21, 2014

Flash! Friday: Prompt #2-11

I have to admit, this week's prompt – a combination of the photo below and the concept of "aging" – stumped me at first.  Reconciling the serenity of that suspended flight with the idea of un-haltingly passing time was tough.  But, here goes:

The Way Back

Five more days.

Ashton had spent decades studying. When he’d finally finished his calculations, his heart had stilled with hope he'd barely dared to feel. He’d checked and checked again, and then he’d started gathering supplies.

Tired, blistered hands pulled the mound of silk he’d painstakingly stitched together closer. All he had to add were the ropes he’d woven together. Then it would be time to climb.

He was haunted by his last jump, floating over pristine peaks of snow, caressed by golden light. He saw it in his dreams, and in his nightmares. He’d been young and for those precious moments, finally at peace, safely suspended by a sky-borne jellyfish over unparalleled beauty.

Until a force he’d given his life to understand had ripped him from that harmony.

Five more days until the anniversary of that interrupted jump, a hundred years from now and thirty years ago.

Five more days, and his only chance.

Ashton had to be ready.

(160 words)


  1. I must admit, you have made me think, pretty darn hard, for a Saturday morning. Several scenarios ran through my mind and the best I have come up with is time travel. I'm thinking he's trying to go home? Fly free Ashton, wherever you are and wherever you are going. ^_^

    1. Oh no! Sorry about that, haha. Unsurprisingly your interpretation is spot on, though I'd be curious to hear what else you saw. :-)