April 11, 2014

Stepping Back

I've been considering this for a while, and I've decided to take a short break from updating this blog, so that I can focus on an overabundance of family events (all good!) and querying Muse.  I will still be around to respond to comments / questions, but may not post new content for a few weeks.

Normally, today's post would have been a Flash! Friday story, and interestingly it has been 52 weeks since my first entry into this weekly contest.  With these, too, I will be taking a pause, though perhaps an upcoming prompt will speak to me, and I'll change my mind. 

Meanwhile, there are many posts on a variety of writing topics which will remain available, and I hope they will provide perspective, or needed advice, or perhaps merely a distraction.  Some suggestions: 

And to leave you with a bit of writing, I have a new poem. This is just a draft, written quite recently, but I'd love any feedback!  Here goes: 

Lost Heart

There are things about me you never understood
But then there are those only you ever could
Which no one else noticed, or tried — or would 
So a piece of my heart, or my soul, stays with you
Despite how I tug, yank, or beg, it rests true
Ignoring my anguish, it pulls anew 
Though I try to let go, to forgive, to give in
That one little chunk that you tore from within
Decides this battle I never will win

Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful several weeks! 

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