September 4, 2014

Bloggers Wanted: Mending Heartstrings Cover Reveal!

It's amazing how little moments along a journey catch you with the realization that this massive undertaking is actually happening. The original publisher's marketplace announcement seemed like such a moment, even with the foreknowledge that the path from a contract to publication would still be time-consuming and complicated. In a way, though, it still didn't feel real. 

I'm not sure that anything short of seeing my book published will actually make me internalize that all of this is actually happening, but the scheduling of the cover reveal is certainly having an impact. We're getting close!

September 19th, the cover for my novel Mending Heartstrings will officially be revealed.

Pinch me now, or better yet, sign up for the reveal organized by Xpresso Book Tours! And thanks as always for your support!


  1. YAY, YAY, YAY! I signed up and I'm so excited for you, Aria! Can't wait to see the cover...any hints *wink wink*? ;0)

  2. Thanks so much, Donna!! :D

    Hints. Hmm… The cover has my name on it. And the words "Mending Heartstrings" ;-) Oh and, it also says "Swoon Romance" in one of the corners, haha.

    I know I'm so helpful, but I don't want to spoil the impact, so I can get your genuine opinion when you see it!

  3. Just signed up and Looking forward to it