May 18, 2015

A Scary New Path

This is a both difficult and exhilarating post to write. As you may have seen, I've been writing about publishing contracts quite a bit lately — about negotiating, about some unfair clauses, and about the heartbreak of walking way.

I can now reveal that all of this was spurred by real-life events surrounding my book, Muse, which has received offers from 3 publishers. Unfortunately, none of these turned out to be the right fit. Just recently, I received confirmation that declining the last of these was the right call, as that publisher is now struggling internally.

Ultimately, it seemed that this book was being pushed toward a different path. I've long believed that the smart author nowadays is one who embraces hybrid publishing. Now, it looks like I'll be testing that theory. While I am absolutely not turning away from the traditional path (G & H is currently out with some agents!), I am going to explore the other option.

So there will be lots of exciting news, and likely some interesting detours along the way, to come in the following months. The first bit I'd like to share is that I'm aiming for a late summer release (which is soon!). There's quite a lot to do!

Another important bit is the full title: MORTAL MUSINGS. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! And for a quick reminder on what this book is about:
A frustrated muse unwittingly casts a spell that materializes her in mortal form – right in front of her latest ungrateful charge.

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