June 5, 2015

Flash! Friday: Prompt #3-26

It's another month and another Friday. May didn't go so well for me, when it comes to regularly contributing to Flash! Friday, but one of the nice things about their new "ring of fire" badges is that each month feels like a clean slate. 

This week's challenge requires incorporating this character:

in a 200-word story (+/-10) based on this photo: 

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On the Job

“Well? Where are my eggs?”

The boys shrunk into the doorway, their white uniforms streaked with grime.

“Coon kem,” Jordy mumbled, staring at the floor.

“What? Speak up!”

His eyes flicked to his younger brother, then he squared his shoulders and notched up his chin. “We couldn’t get ’em.”

“And why not?”

The boys exchanged glances. “We ain’t big ’nough,” Brady piped up.

“Aren’t,” I snapped, then sighed. “Come on, I’ll show you again.”

Brady clutched Jordy’s apron. The older boy had paled, and his eyes had doubled in size.

“You can watch from outside,” I relented, shaking my head. “Now go!” Seconds later, the boys reached their positions by the fence, peering through the slats. Seeing them, a couple more of the farmhands made their way over, feigning disinterest but throwing looks my way.

Iridescent wings flapped as I entered the mammoth barn, and I paused until they stilled. It didn’t take long for my beauties to settle. I clicked my tongue three times, lifting my hand to pat the head closest to me, then untied the bag at my waist and moved toward one of the piles of shining, delicate orbs.

Awed murmurs drifted toward me as I collected my dragons’ eggs.

(204 words)


  1. LOL How could I have possibly thought you were talking about chicken eggs!! Very nice. :-) Have a great weekend.

    1. Hehe, yes, it's a bit trickier than that ;) Glad you liked it!

  2. WoW! I did NOT see that coming!
    I thought they were chicken eggs too.
    When I saw the picture, I was turned off from writing about it - it's how I've felt for almost the past year and that's why I started my own picture prompt challenge - but haven't read your story, I just loved it - the story, still not the pic.

    Keep on writing Aria

    1. Glad the surprise worked in this one :) I haven't been the best about writing weekly myself, but sometimes part of the challenge is where you take the story from a prompt, even if it isn't instantly inspiring. Hope your Thursday prompts are going well!