March 21, 2016

Hitting Pause

Can you believe it's the end of March 2016?? I know, I know—it's March 21st, and technically that's not the end. But it definitely feels like it is. And my mom asked me about December plans today, which didn't help my sense of "where has this year gone already???"

It can be rough, catching everything on the first go-round through. Things always slip through the cracks (just me?)—especially the little bits of fun, since we're so busy worrying about the big important things. So, I decided to hit pause and remind you of a couple things you might have missed: 

The new Scripting Change anthology, Breaking Free, released last week. The anthology includes a new flash fiction piece by me, but more importantly 100% of its proceeds go to support the survivors of domestic violence. Can you spare a couple dollars for this great cause?

The Little Things Blog Hop—with over 100 participants & giveaways both big and small—is currently going on. So take some time for the little things, and go enter to win!

The I Heart Geeks anthology also released recently, including my story "The Whedonite" and an awesome story by my friend Kristyn F. Brunson!

And as a bonus, for those of you in the US, a new Goodreads giveaway will be starting Wednesday for print copies of Mending Heartstrings! Starting March 23rd, enter on Goodreads or below:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Mending Heartstrings by Aria Glazki

Mending Heartstrings

by Aria Glazki

Giveaway ends April 04, 2016.

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