July 19, 2016

My First Solo Book Signing!

Another day and another post have gotten away from me, but I promise I'm aiming to return to my regular Monday schedule. Really.

This past Sunday was my very first solo book signing. Though I've participated in author events before, this was entirely different, and much less structured. There was a table on the street set aside for me, right outside the door to Recycle Books in Campbell, but absolutely everything else was up to me. Here's how I set that table up:

As you can see, I had all three novels set upright to (hopefully) catch attention. I also had trading cards and two different magnet designs people could grab, a few print copies of The Whedonite, signups for my newsletter, and some chocolate kisses. What do you think? Any suggestions for the setup of future events?

Sitting out on the street, rather than at an event set around a book signing, was definitely an experience. On the one hand, I didn't have to worry about insufficient people in the room—one of an author's biggest fears with any event. Because of the concurrent farmer's market, there was a steady stream of people passing by. On the other hand, far too many people assumed that I was just a bookstore employee and were surprised to learn that I was the author.

Of course, the majority of people just ignored me. In fact, it was a long day of saying hello to people passing by and getting—at most—an echoed hello as they kept on walking. Let me tell you, that is exhausting. (I'm sure my being introverted didn't help with that, heh.) I also had a few people express distaste at the fact that I write romance, which is unsurprising but still awkward. Interestingly, several people chose to take the opportunity to ask me about how publishing works because they either have written or aspired to write their own books. One person stopped on his way in the middle of a wedding-related errand to chat a bit about writing & NaNoWriMo, and it's always great to have someone new join our community, so I'll be looking out for him at local events come November. Still, hopefully that wedding photographer got his lunch in time to enjoy it!

Of the people who stopped by, many at the very least walked away with trading cards or magnets, and a few also left with autographed books—mostly Mortal Musings. Some promised to pick up a novel in ebook form, though of course I'll never know (unless they leave a review). A few joined my newsletter. And the youngest ones really only had eyes for the chocolate, as they should. ;)

Exhausting as the day was, I consider it a success. As a bonus, it was thrilling to see so many kids asking their parents to go into the bookstore, and so many families walking out with stacks of books. Plus, signing the books I've worked so hard to put out there is actually pretty fun.

So there's my slightly belated recap. How did your weekend go??

And if you missed this signing but would like your own autographed copy(ies),
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  1. That sounds amazing! Admittedly exhausting, for sure, but it sounds like overall it was a really positive experience. Plus you got to get some sunshine, and that's always a good thing. :)

    1. I'm definitely happy with the results :) Thanks for the support, Jennifer!