October 22, 2018

Save the Date!

Fallen will be published on November 13th, 2018! 

Just 4 years and 4 months (to the day) after I started writing it.😂 In fact, I realized recently that I actually wrote the first words of Fallen before my first novel was published, which is mind-blowing. 

It also makes me extra-nervous to release this story out into the world, since so much time, energy, and emotion has gone into writing it. Fallen has been a departure in so many ways, since it's a retelling, is not a romance, and demanded to be written in first-person present, which I still believe is the hardest mode. But I hope you'll love it—and tell me even if you don't. 💕

Want to start reading now? Check out a sneak preview on Patreon!

About Fallen:

    Violetta Dorée wrings every drop of pleasure from her life, and Manhattan's social elite are happy to help, pampering their darling with endless luxuries. And why not? She deserves a little fun before she dies.
    But there are pleasures money can't buy. When Adrian Thompson with his box-store khakis and overly concerned eyes insists that Vi's missing out, her curiosity is piqued. What else can she do but indulge it?

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