February 12, 2020

Summer Seduction is Officially Available!

It's release day for Summer Seduction! Grab it this week only at the special release price of $0.99.

The idea for this story first came to me when I was sitting on an airplane, trying to relax with a nice contemporary romance. Problem was, this romance decided to feature a really annoying cliché. I was so sick of seeing it that instead of reading, I suffered through typing up what turned into several thousand words of notes on the story that would become Summer Seduction—on an ipad. (I know I'm a luddite, but typing that much on a touchscreen keyboard is awful. The resulting number of errors in those notes is pretty embarrassing.)

Of course once I started writing, Tracy and Jeremy asserted themselves, refusing to follow along with that rough outline and proving once again that I am not a "planner" type of writer.

But now finally this story is out in the world! Check out what readers are saying:
"If you’re looking for a book that will keep your mind entertained while teasing your imagination, this is it!" —Samantha B.
"Aria Glazki gave all the power to our female lead, Tracy, also known to her readers as Taralynn Harwood... I loved that the author kept it real for the couple and made the story believable. Great Job!!" —Heather
"Amazingly told, steamy, hot... A well-edited enjoyable story which I can gladly recommend." —Judith
    Please note: full review contains spoilers.

About Summer Seduction:

    When Jeremy meets romance author Taralynn Harwood in a hotel bar, he’s glad just for the opportunity to buy her a drink. When she takes him back to her place and has him sign a non-disclosure agreement, his imagination—and libido—run wild. But after she kicks him out of bed, the blow to his ego forces him back to her, ready to just about beg for an opportunity to perform better. He’s willing and eager to learn the art of pleasure from one of the hottest romance authors in the business.
    Tracy doesn’t hide from her achievements as Taralynn Harwood, touted by readers and reviewers alike for the off-the-charts heat of her books. What she does hide is a secret that could destroy her entire career. But when her failed one-night stand shows up at her door—NDA already signed and enforceable—it seems like the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little research. All for the sake of her books, of course.
    This is a sexy contemporary romance novella.

Grab Your Copy:

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