September 9, 2013

Review: Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour

A while back, I hosted Donna Huber on my blog as part of her own book tour promoting her recent release, Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour.  Donna was gracious enough to offer me a review copy, in exchange for my honest review.  Here goes: 

I have first-hand experience as a host for authors who used Girl Who Reads' blog tour services, so I was not at all surprised that this book laid out a clear, effective, and organized method for planning a blog tour.  It also advocates a professional and courteous approach to bloggers, which is unsurprising but invaluable advice for those questioning whether their communication should be casually friendly (we are a friendly community, after all!) or more formal.

The book itself is an easy read, filled with practical tips and direct advice that anyone can follow.  There is a great balance between suggestions for the tour itself and explanations of the terminology, so that people with no experience won't get lost, but those who have a fair idea of what a blog tour is (even if they've never organized one themselves) aren't bogged down by pedantic details.  

For those who would like some precise direction, there are helpful lists of topics for guest posts and of interview questions, and a checklist with a suggested time frame, all of which are conveniently placed at the end of the book in a section titled Bonus Secrets.  There is even a basic guide to creating the graphics we learn very early on are an essential part of a successful blog tour.

The book itself is quite short, which I found to be a plus! The information is presented concisely and effectively, so a reader doesn't have to hunt through repetitive information or barely related stories, as happens so frequently in books of this kind.

Overall, I would say this book is a wonderful resource for those interested in finding out what they're getting themselves into, knowing what to expect from a professional blog tour organizer, or planning their own tour – and it is certainly worth the price! ($2.99)

Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour is available through:

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