September 30, 2013

Wrapping Up September

October will be upon us in less than ten hours – eep!  

Truthfully, I had intended to be further along in my WIP.  I had hoped, at the very least, to be finished with the first draft.  Unfortunately, that hasn't quite happened, partially because of unforeseen opportunities, such as Pitch Madness and Secret Agent, which suffused September.  Though these opportunities did draw me away from writing my WIP, they were a wonderful experience, and I cannot regret participating.  For that matter, I am hoping to submit to another pitch contest in October: Trick or Treat with Agents!

Despite not meeting my writing goal, September has ended on a high note, as I found out yesterday that my final Flash! Friday piece of the month actually won!  I received some generous feedback which was truly encouraging, and I want to thank everyone who took the time both to read and to share their impressions!

This past week's Flash! Friday judge, Kinza Carpenter Shores, wrote:
This piece really caught me within the very first line. For hooks, the first paragraph was one of the most intriguing I’ve read. I loved the sardonic humor and how I was kept guessing about where the story was going until the very end. The imagery and diction in this piece were excellent without being superfluous.

It is quite gratifying to end this month at this invigorating point.  Though October will inevitably be filled with its own ups and downs (hopefully more ups than downs!), I am excited to see what it will bring!


  1. Your win is awesome. That story really did blow me away. I still think about it and how fantastic it is. I felt it was something special as soon as I read it. It still amazes me that something so short can be so good. Congratulations!!

    1. I'm thrilled this piece has stuck with you! Thanks again :-)