October 4, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #44

In case you missed it, check out my 60 Seconds Interview from last week's Flash! Friday win.  I must say, wonderful as winning is, there is a certain amount of additional pressure this week after the reception of last week's story.  I have yet to write this week's, and yet I urge readers not to judge it too harshly, as each prompt inevitably inspires in its own way.  

That being said, here is this week's prompt: 150 words exactly on the photo below.

Next Generation

It was amazing no one had found it. Cheesy banners, snowflakes, and even a snowman with a creepy, crookedly drawn smile had been pasted all over the wall. Yellow caution tape now covered the rusted water fountain.

“It’s our secret,” Stacy whispered to herself as her classmates packed up their books.

She followed them out obediently then ducked into the bathroom. When the laughter, shouts, and footsteps faded in the halls, she peeked through the window.

Dashing out, she pulled the wire that hung from the fountain, reconnecting it under the yellow tape. She squeezed through the revealed opening. Darkness surrounded her, but Stacy sprinted through the familiar tunnels until they turned to grass.

Little dragons swarmed her the second she stopped, brushing her wherever they could to say hello.

Here, under a different sun, Stacy was safe. She paused to kiss her daddy’s photo, then finally spread her wings.

(150 words)

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