October 14, 2013

Scripting Change Seeks Bloggers!

Scripting Change has set a publication date! Both Donna L. Sadd and I will have pieces included, which is incredibly exciting.  Now, Scripting Change is asking for the blogger community as a whole to lend a hand in sharing the news by participating in a release-day blast on November 4th!

I've written about this project before, because I think it is such a wonderful cause – bringing together writers in support of nonprofits.  We contribute our words, the organizers contribute their time, and 100% of the proceeds go to the nonprofit associated with each specific collection.  This year's nonprofit is the MSTR Scholarship Foundation.  From Scripting Change's website: 
"The MSTR Scholarship Foundation aims to help those students affected by chronic illness, who nevertheless have the passion, drive, and determination to seek or continue their educations, by providing financial scholarships in recognition and support of their perseverance."
So please consider donating space on your blog or website to spread the word about this wonderful project!  Email the project (Scripting.Change AT gmail) or get in touch through their website to lend your support.

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