October 19, 2015

Marketing is My Achilles' Heel or: Help, Please!

I am horrible at marketing. I try, really I do, to fake the confidence and push past my introverted side to promote my work. Because I've learned, like many authors lately, that if I don't do it, no one will. Not my publisher (for my first book), and not my friends (unless I pester them incessantly, which I don't feel comfortable doing). Sometimes it seems that even paying for marketing pros doesn't get me anywhere. 

I'm so used to staying quiet—at work, in school, anywhere—and letting my work speak for itself. Historically, that has sometimes meant even putting my job in jeopardy, when people would lie about me to my bosses. Idealistically, I kept on believing that the truth will out (and in some cases it did), and that my passion and dedication would see me through. 

Until I became an author. I know I have to do more than put my book out there, and I'm trying, truly. But I haven't learned to be an effective marketer yet, it seems. So I'm asking for your help!

To celebrate the 2-month anniversary of Mortal Musings, I'm running two special offers, and I'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word. And thank you in advance!!
  1. Mortal Musings is available for just $0.99 on Amazon for this week only (through Oct 25)
  2. Autographed print copies of Mortal Musings are for a limited time available with free shipping via my Selz store!
    Use coupon code: 4IGS5RU2 or this direct link: http://selz.co/1QxpFsB

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