December 11, 2015

Flash! Friday: The Final Flashversary

Well, it's here. The three-year anniversary of Flash! Friday and also its final hurrah—a last goodbye. Prizes galore await entrants, from books to commemorative posters and more. And there's still time to enter!

Rebekah challenged us today with a prompt unlike any for which I've written, myself: 

100 word-story (exactly), starting with the sentence: "On Friday, everything changed."

She also offered this photo, for inspiration:

And since we're allowed two entries, I decided to take advantage and for the first time, write two stories. As always, I'm looking forward to your thoughts!


On Friday, everything changed.

Every smile, every tear, every argument. Snapshots flipping past. None of them matter now. Yet nothing else does.

The chains of your love, the weight of expectations, the guilt of failure…

What am I, left without you? Who can I be if not yours—to mold, to want. To own.

Freed from you, I’m bound by memories, grasping as they slither through my fingers and out of my mind.

Dripping drops echo in the emptiness left behind.

Condolences whisper past, brushes of hands pressing mine with murmured prayers.

Gloves hide the blood I couldn’t wash away.

(100 words)

In Living Color

On Friday, everything changed. 

I trudged through the sludge, encased in mundane browns and grays. Blindly, I shoved my door open and continued toward the back, discarding pieces of my day—purse, gloves, coat, keys all dropping on any handy surface. 

A crimson shadow shimmered, and I paused. A headshake cleared my sight and stole the hint of hope.

My eyes shut against the heartache, the memory of a world with color.

Hot breath on my face made my heart stutter, my eyes snap open. Purples, greens, and golds all bloomed in me anew.

Wing brushing wing, reunited we flew.

(100 words)