December 7, 2015

Happy Hannukah & A Gift for You!

Sunset last night kicked off the winter holidays with the first night of Hannukah! A generally upbeat holiday, Hannukah reminds us of the importance of faith in the face of hopelessness, and of our ability to find a way in the face of oppression. (Did you know that's where the dreidel comes from? They were used to fool officials when studying the Torah was outlawed.)

Nowadays, the holiday is known most for its eight days of light, and among some families, its eight days of gifts—not to mention oily, fried food like latkes, and chocolate gelt. (Or sometimes, real gelt, aka money.)

    And in the spirit of giving—because who doesn't love presents?—I have 
    a special gift for all of you:

    For the duration of Hannukah* (that's eight days!), you can download 
    a FREE e-copy of Mortal Musings!

    Don't forget to tell your friends & spread the holiday cheer!

    Get your free copy through:

    * For those of you who may not know, that's through Dec 14th.

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