February 18, 2013

Making Plans

There is a fairly well-known, Yiddish proverb that states:

Man plans and G-d laughs.

It's intended to warn against making concrete plans, as a power beyond our control may choose to interfere, ruining them. I say, what's wrong with making G-d laugh? Wouldn't we prefer an almighty power to be in a good mood? 

Perhaps I am choosing to believe this because I have a plan—not a detailed plan or a specific plan, but a generalized plan that should be easy to keep flexible:
  1. Complete revisions on my novel
  2. Send out the first round of queries
  3. Complete formatting, etc. for my poetry collection so it can be published online
  4. Start writing my next novel, during this summer's Camp NaNoWriMo
This plan is somewhat ambitious, but hopefully feasible.  Maybe it'll even provide some laughs along the way.

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