April 26, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #21

This weeks Flash! Friday entry! A requirement of 100 words exactly (excluding title) based on the picture prompt below.  What comes to your mind? 

Photo courtesy of Flash! Friday's site 

Innocent Envy

The grass tickled her toes as Sarah watched the others running, leaping, tackling – frolicking. Everything from the trees, to the boulders, to the piles of fallen oranges fell pray to their games, brushed by every hand. Sarah dug her own fingers into the dampened earth to the side of her blanket.

Other than her, the only excluded object was a lone ladder, stretching into the sky. Maybe someday soon she’d be able to climb it, see what mysteries rested at the ladder’s edge.

“Catch!” Sarah heard seconds before an orange plopped beside her.

Bobby followed, grinning. “How’s the leg today?”


  1. Exclusion is awful and the ladder seems to taunt her. A very descriptive 100 words. xx