April 18, 2013

Writers, Unite!

I am relatively new to the virtual writing community, so I have not (yet?) ceased to be amazed by the true sense of community and camaraderie shared by aspiring and published writers alike.  Writers from all over contribute their time and words to events (such as BlogFlash or AprilPrompts) or to free contests which promise only exposure and fun (such as Flash! Friday), not to exclude of course community attempts to encourage writing productivity (such as NaNoWriMo & NaPoWriMo).

I hope, then, that this community will join me in supporting the Scripting Change Project, which offers writers the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world while doing what we do best: writing! 

Why You Should Support Scripting Change:

  • Warm & Fuzzy Karma Points
    • 100% of proceeds raised by Scripting Change will be donated to nonprofit organizations.  The recipient for the inaugural project is the MSTR Scholarship Foundation, which offers scholarships for students affected by chronic illness and the overwhelming costs of associated medical care, who nevertheless pursue a higher education.
      • This means, your writing will help students affected by chronic illness pursue their academic goals.
    • The project aims for a $0 cost:
      • No one affiliated with the project is receiving financial compensation.
        • Scripting Change actually chose a nonprofit organization with a similar model – no one associated with the administration of the foundation or with the selection of the recipients is receiving any financial compensation either, so ALL money goes to help those affected by chronic illness!
      • No one contributing to the project will be compensated other than through. . :
  • Exposure!
    • Contributors to Scripting Change will be listed on their website, with a mini bio.
    • Selected pieces will be published with full credit and direct links to the author's page.
    • Scripting Change may also promote contributors through their Facebook page, as their aim is a scenario in which everyone wins.
  • Practice
    • Scripting Change is requesting submissions related to their theme: Determination & Hope Through Pain.  Exercise your writing by creating a polished piece with this prompt that's fully publication ready!
      • Fiction: Up to ~1500 words
      • Poetry: Up to 3 typed pages

How You Can Support Scripting Change:

  • Spread the Word!
    • Tell all of your writing friends
    • Share on Twitter – #ScriptingChange
    • Or on Facebook (also see below)
    • Promote the project otherwise – who better than us creative types to do that?
  • Submit a Piece
    • Show your support by offering some of your writing for consideration to be published in their e-book.
  • Cover Design & Promotion
    • These areas are listed as seeking help on the Scripting Change site.
  • Purchase the Final Product! 
    • Once the e-book is published, of course


  1. Sounds like such a worthy endeavor...heading over now. Thanks for the link Aria. :0)