May 16, 2014

Flash! Friday: Prompt #2-23

Well, I'm a little rusty, but I'm stepping back into the Flash! Friday world. Brief reminder: 150-word story (+/- 10 words) on a photo prompt, with a special dragon's bidding. This week's bidding is "comeuppance," in a story based on this photo:

Hero’s Uprising

“On my count now!”

The muscles in my cheeks tighten, tugging on my lips as a flash bursts over the select few close enough to be included in tomorrow’s featured shot. Another cheer swells as Gabriel Brant waves to his adoring fans.

And really, who wouldn’t cheer? Gabe is beloved here, in the town that raised him up and now bends over backwards to propel him higher.

No one counts the coursing rivers of sweat, tears, or blood — the skeletons don’t matter here.


The secrets of rulers don’t matter to idolaters, incapable of seeing beyond expertly manufactured facades. But truth gathers behind the dam of delusions, awaiting its moment.

“Just the Brants, now,” the photographer calls over the unstoppable chatter of those gathered.

Obediently, I step out of the way, and glance at my watch.


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