May 30, 2014

Flash! Friday: Prompt #2-25

It's here again! I must admit, writing the week after winning is invariably intimidating.  (Did you miss my 60 seconds winner interview? Check it out here!) But, it is once again Friday, so here goes: 150 words (+/- 10) on the photo below, incorporating the element of "freedom."

Earth goddess. Imaginary Worlds exhibit, Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Photo by C. Joey Ivansco.


“Ouch!” The water flees my startled hands.

“Don’t drink that,” Gergi instructs, entirely unapologetic.

“I’m thirsty.” I rub the stinging spot as the water continues its tantalizing trickle from a palm of sculpted greenery. “Besides, plants filter water.”

Gergi plucks a leaf from the lady’s hair of vines and tosses it into the fountain. Seconds later, it shrivels, blackened.

My disheartened legs give out, and I fall to a grass that doubtless hides its own mélange of murderous mysteries.

Gergi ignores my well-deserved dramatics and pulls out her dagger.

“Food?” I ask, still hopeful. Still stupid.

“Get up,” Gergi murmurs, barely moving her lips. “Circle the statue.”

I react instantly, stepping out of sight of newly opened eyes.

Gergi smiles at me for the first time. “We’ve found it.”

She launches at the face, blade slashing away the ivy curtain, until the gaze of spears propels her into the duplicitous oasis, slaughtering my savior for baring my freshly worthless freedom.

(160 words)

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