October 31, 2014

The Final Friday

In the spirit of Halloween…

The Treat: Signups are available for the Mending Heartstrings blog tour! Available posts include review spots, guest posts, interviews, and basic book promo posts. Sign up here, and thanks for helping me spread the word!

The Trick: In addition to being the final Friday in October, today is my last turn judging over at the Flash! Friday Fiction contest. I'm personally thrilled that Rebekah chose not to have today's prompt be about Halloween, as I am easily creeped out by horror, but I'm sure that won't stop many of the writers — nor should it stop you! (Submit your entry here.)

For me, today's contest is both scary and a relief. Judging these contests is extremely difficult, partially because entries have doubled this judging quarter, and partially because of the quality of submissions. It's nice to know the burden of choosing the "best" story is falling on my shoulders for the last time. On the other hand, as my last time judging, I feel even more pressure to make the "correct" choices when it comes to selecting the podium.

That being said, the most terrifying part is that all too soon (in about 3 weeks), I will be eligible to return to the trenches, submitting my own Flash! Friday pieces. Not only have I lost the habit of writing a flash piece every Friday, but I am also quite intimidated by the competition. The Flash! Friday community is strong, in their individual talent, but also in their willingness and ability to learn from each other's skills and grow as writers. The idea of jumping back in feels as though I've missed many laps of this race and will now be scrambling to catch up. Plus, as a former judge, it seems in my mind that there is more pressure to produce outstanding stories, to back up my time of relative "power."

Still, if I don't chicken out, I will try to resume posting flash pieces every Friday, starting November 21st. (Is that a trick or a treat?)

And finally...

Happy Halloween!

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