October 20, 2014

The Short Version

I wrote a very long post last night about the currently heated topic of reviewers and authors crossing the line. I am choosing not to post it today, out of a fear of backlash from those who may misinterpret my words, or simply disagree with my opinion.

What I do want to say, however, is that the fact that I, like many, am afraid to express an opinion or take part in a conversation precisely because of the possibility of retaliation speaks volumes about our culture nowadays.  I know many authors who don't post reviews below 4 stars out of this same fear of retaliation, choosing not to review a book rather than be honest about their opinion.

Since I don't want to be entirely silent, let me sum up the point of that unshared post:
  • Negatively reviewing a book (or other item) is not the same as a personal attack or virtual bullying.
  • Personal attacks, bullying, and stalking are never acceptable.
  • Regardless of who the victim is — author, reviewer, reader, etc. — we need to stand up against personal attacks and bullying. Ignoring those behaviors is not the answer.

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