December 6, 2014

2nd Flash! Friday Fiction Anniversary!

Rebekah has pulled out all the stops for the second anniversary of Flash! Friday Fiction (aka Flashversary).  The festivities will consist of multiple rounds of competition, starting this weekend, with a winner crowned December 16th. 

Round one is open to all, with a 150-word (exactly!) story on the photo below. Round 2 will be open to 25 semifinalists; with 10 finalists moving on to the final judging.  All of the stories will be judged blind (stripped of the identities of the authors).

I'd love to know what you think of my entry!


Haze stung my eyes as I watched the village burn. Its wooden skeleton hissed and popped, collapsing under the flames. A wave of heat hit me as the steeple toppled. Wails pierced the air.

I closed my eyes, seeing the families huddled under burning beams, corralled by fire.

The disease burned with them.

Victims of the virus hovered above our home, bellowing. Shimmering scales sheltered their once-human flesh from the ravenous flames. Once swallowed by sickness, they were invincible.

Cruelly magnificent wingspans fanned their fire, a grasp at salvation for the infected but not entirely transformed. Schoolchildren, lovers, parents, friends — the disease didn’t discriminate.

Only I stood immune.

Heartbroken memories dripped out of my eyes, evaporating instantly.

Impossibly elegant, one victim’s heaving bulk landed beside me without a sound. A massive eye filled my vision, shining in the firelight. Tentative, I traced the new face of the man I loved.

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