December 10, 2014

Holiday Song Lyric Parody Contest!

As the holiday season is rapidly approaching, the Authoress a.k.a. Miss Snark's First Victim is hosting a parody contest of Christmas & Hannukah song lyrics! Check out the rules (and prizes!) here. Up to two entries per person are allowed. 

I may or may not end up entering these when the contest officially opens, but just for fun, my attempts are posted below. Share your own in the comments, then head on over & enter the contest yourself!

Dear readers, romance fans
[To the tune of: Hannukah, Hannukah (For those who are unfamiliar: click here or here.)]

Dear readers, romance fans, won’t you read my book?
It’s brand new, just released, for kindle and nook!
Share some laughs, spill some tears, then leave a review —
Lend it to your good friends, so they’ll love it too!

Dear readers, romance fans, I have spent so long
Polishing this novel — now it’s nice and strong.
Buy yours now, so that I could maybe afford
Some coffee, a pastry, or a scrabble board!

Dear readers, romance fans, while you read away,
Writing here, in my den, that is where I’ll stay.
Working on my next book—I hope you’ll want more
And my books will fly off the shelves in the store!

Dear readers, romance fans, the Amazon rank
Or the bestseller lists, if I may be frank,
They don’t count, not as much, as what you all say
Compliments on my book, well, they make my day!

I Wrote the Next Bestseller
[To the tune of: I Have a Little Dreidel ]

I wrote the next bestseller, you must read it today.
It’s my first novel ever. I’m sending it your way!
Oh agent, agent, agent, here is my masterpiece —
The manuscript is attached, so read it won’t you please.

I wrote it during NaNo, kept typing every day
It doesn’t need no edits, so read it—don’t delay!
Oh agent, agent, agent, you’ll love my masterpiece
So say all those who’ve read it: my mother and my niece!

You have to read the whole thing—there’s no stopping halfway!
I’ve learned to be persistent, so I won’t go away.
Oh agent, agent, agent, won’t you email me back?
We need to discuss book deals, and our plan of attack!

It’s been a couple weeks now, beside the phone I stay
No matter what you tell me, I still won’t go away.
Oh agent, agent, agent, I’m sure you’ll call me soon,
Working with me’s so easy, you’ll be over the moon!


  1. These are wonderful! The second is my favorite. I'm glad you posted them.

  2. Ho, ho, ho, hee, hee what a fun idea! Your second one cracks me up! Sharing! :0)

    1. Haha — awesome! Glad to entertain :-)
      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy Holidays! Looks like it's unanimous, the second is rating high on the chuckle list. ^_^

    1. There does seem to be a consensus, haha. Interestingly, I wrote the second one first! Glad you enjoyed it :-D