December 3, 2014

Release-day Giveaway Winners!

It was quite a release day, let me tell you! Crazy, exhilarating, surprising (flowers & balloons!), delicious (champagne!), fun, busy…you name it!

But the release day of Mending Heartstrings is officially over, and I have a list of winners for various contests. (And info toward the bottom of this post on more giveaways still going on!)

These ladies already know they won during my Facebook release party, but I wanted to include them anyway because they did some pretty cool things in order to win! Some contests were random, some weren't, but here's the breakdown of winners:
  • Rena was the trivia master at the release party! She didn't get a single question wrong. She won a Mending Heartstrings keychain and magnet, as well as e-copies of Taken By Storm by Tamara Mataya (a fellow Swoon Romance title) and of Mending Heartstrings.
  • Samantha blew me away by finding 89 words from the letters in "Mending Heartstrings" — and I bet with more time, she could have found more! She won a magnet.
  • Kristyn not only found three words at 13 letters each during the word search, but she also won the caption contest, giving a title to quite the book cover, and one of the trivia rounds! She won a Mending Heartstrings keychain and magnet, as well as an e-copy of Finding Her Way Back by fellow Swoon Romance author Heather Van Fleet.
  • Donna was all about enthusiasm, which was such a lovely addition at the party! She won a Mending Heartstrings magnet as well as a gift pack including a tote bag, keychain, and autographed trading card.

I also ran Twitter exclusive contests, with winners selected at random from three categories: those who Tweeted the Amazon link; those who Retweeted any of my Mending Heartstrings Tweets; and all of the above. These winners are: 
  • Jennie D., who wins a Mending Heartstrings notebook with a super cool guitar-pick bookmark!
  • Chelsea, who wins a Mending Heartstrings keychain!
  • Alessandra, who wins a Mending Heartstrings magnet!
  • Nada, who also wins a Mending Heartstrings magnet!
  • and Jen S., who wins a Mending Heartstrings tote bag!

The release festivities continue, so you have plenty more chances to win! Check out any Blog Tour post for the Rafflecopter entry form for 2 separate prize packs, or head on over to any Book Blitz post for a separate Rafflecopter for an additional prize pack — and three different excerpts!

Here's a photo of one of the prize packs in case you need extra motivation:

Thanks everyone for your continued support! I can't wait to hear what you all think of the book (be brutally honest, please)!!

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