June 14, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #28

I've just returned and am diving back into the worlds of writing and blogging and social media by participating in today's Flash! Friday contest.  I'm quite nervous, as it's been 3 weeks with no writing (though a bit of outlining and plenty of ideas), not to mention the current jet lag.  Regardless, here goes: 

100 words exactly on this picture:
The Lady of Shallot by John William Waterhouse (1888)


Billie’s gum had lost its flavor. Her pen tapped anxiously against the side of the textbook. The picture blurred. A chain coiled in the Lady’s hand, tethering her. Billie flung the pen away.

The Lady of Shallot watched her sideways. Dramatic suffering dipped the Lady’s lips and brows, but her eyes judged her observers as if she could see them. Probably not the insight her Art History professor would be expecting.

Billie closed her eyes, puffed out her breath, and rolled her neck. The Lady stretched, shrugged her shoulders, and resettled on her blankets.

Maybe this would be the one.

(100 words)


  1. Love your take on this beautiful pic. You have created a vivid relationship between the two. Such a clever piece. x