June 15, 2013

Start of Summer

Summer is officially here, or so it seems to me after my time away and return to a season of graduations, picnics, and sunshine. Honestly, I'm a bit behind in my goals for this year, but all that can be done about that is catching up. Of course, one of my biggest problems is my tendency to bite off more than I can chew. Still, here is what I am planning to do and considering doing in the near future:
  • Publishing my poetry collection, Life Under Examination. This will hopefully happen within the next week.
  • Hosting a super fun giveaway to celebrate my blog reaching 2,500 page views! The prizes are lined up, and the rafflecopter form is in the making.  Now, I'm just waiting to reach that milestone.
  • Finishing my piece for Scripting Change.
  • Participating in the Blogger Book Fair. Sign ups end tonight, but I'm uncertain whether this is the best idea.  
    • First, the only published book I will have by the fair is my poetry collection, and as poetry is not my dominant focus, I'm not sure I want that to be my first experience with BBF.    Second, it would be an intense week, filled with events, hosting people on my blog, and writing guest posts and such for others' blogs.
    • Then again, it would be wonderful exposure, and it sounds like fun.
    • And yet, the BBF is happening toward the end of July, a month I had initially intended to reserve for. . :
  • Participating in Camp NaNoWriMo's July session.
    • I haven't decided yet which story I will work on, but I do intend to have a significant amount done in a second manuscript by the end of July. Really. 
  • I just found out an agency I've been considering has an opening for a remote, romance internship.  
    • Downside: it's unpaid. 
    • Upside: experience and exposure to the inner workings of the publishing industry.  
    • I may apply. 
  • Plus, of course, blogging, tweeting, posting on Facebook, participating in Flash! Fiction Fridays, possibly becoming more active on Google+, etc.
There are many things to consider, and much more to organize.  One thing is clear, it's sure to be a busy summer.

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