August 9, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #36

This week, Rebekah has limited our stories with an exact word count of 99!  In case you think that's too short, don't forget to pop over to these two posts, published today:
The Desperate Dating Game of Self-Publishing, on the Writer Diaries
& Shifting the Spotlight on the Deed, on Into Another World
And now for this week's prompt:

Catching Infants

“Can we use this?”

“It looks like she's getting ready to bolt.”

“She’s carrying ’em like puppies.”

“We should’ve known.”

“Do you see that shadow? Looks like a gremlin.”

Four pairs of eyes trained on the blown-up image.

“And does that basket say S.O.B?”

Groans mingled with chuckles.

“Do those babies look drugged?”

“Maybe they had just been fed. She was actually a nurse.”

“That smile… There’s really no way around it.”

“We’ve gotta track ’em down.”

“At least we know where to start. Let’s head back to the Imperial Institute.”

Chairs scraped.

“Can’t believe we have to reshoot.”


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :-) Hope you're enjoying your weekend as well!

  2. Great take; love the conversation and their thought processes in overdrive at the thought of a re-shoot! xx

    1. Thanks, Lizzie. The dialog-heavy style was an experiment for me this week :-)