August 2, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #35

Apparently Rebekah wasn't thrilled with the slaughter last week.  This week's prompt is even more innocent, in theory anyway.  Let's see what comes of it! Anywhere between 100 & 200 words plays, on this photo:

Photo by Bild Bundesarchiv, WikiCommons


“No, see, the light’s still not right.”

“Yeah, I got it. Fellas! Let’s shift four over.”  The crew scurried to obey John’s instructions.

Their star shook her head impatiently. 

“If she keeps moving, we’ll have to reset,” Mason muttered. 

“Try to stay still, Lill,” Danny called. 

Lilliana’s tongue snaked out in a frustrated motion.  Everyone but Danny backed up, unable to stifle the instinct.  A low, deep laugh echoed out from Lilliana’s glistening body.  Her eyes narrowed on the trembling intern holding the nearest reflector.  

Mason and John didn’t notice, bickering as usual. 

“Wait, look,” Danny whispered, shutting them up.  “If we just tilt the camera, the angles will be perfect!  We’ll get everything.”  He smiled and flicked the switch to record.  Lilliana might be difficult, but she was the key to his success. 

As if proving his point, she spread her incandescent wings, eliciting gasps and even a few screams from the newbies.  She moved with lightning speed, snatching the intern in one elegantly manicured claw.  Her head swiveled to the camera.  “Can we break for lunch?”

(178 words)


  1. I love your sense of humour!! Great take and showing the dragon doing what comes naturally; at least Dannt was paying attention; good boy, repsecting his muse as he should. xx

    1. Thanks, Lizzie! Good thing Danny hit record haha ;-)