August 22, 2013

Query Shark

I've been busy.  So busy that lately I've been horribly remiss in updating my blog or socializing on those networks we all love (or hate, depending on our mood).  Just when I began slowly resurfacing, I came across Query Shark, a blog on which an agent comments on submitted queries [submitted to the blog, not to her as an agent].  

I have now fallen into the trap of reading all of the posted queries, starting with the oldest.  While with research, it is fairly easy to avoid some of the most common pitfalls appearing in what I've read so far, it is invaluable to see inline reactions to a selection of queries spanning many genres and styles.  Between this discovery and continually revising my submission for Pitch Madness, it's likely I will not truly resurface for at least a few more days.  But Query Shark should certainly give you plenty to read!


  1. Good luck with the upcoming Pitch Madness. Knock 'em dead! :0)

  2. I second that Donna. Have a great weekend guys.

  3. Thank you very much ladies! Hope you both have a fabulous weekend :-)

  4. I remember when I first found Query Shark! Yep, couldn't stop reading them! :) Good luck with pitch madness!

    1. Glad I'm not alone, haha. Thanks, Rachel!