August 17, 2013

Friday Flashed By

Unfortunately, the unavoidable busy-ness of my day meant I had to skip this week's Flash! Friday prompt.  I'm told this weeks entries are hilarious, so do go check them out!

In other news, Life Under Examination is now officially available for sale through Barnes & Noble!  I have to say, from the author perspective, I found the ability to edit an uploaded manuscript directly through the Nook Press interface to be invaluable. As opposed to other online distributors, which would require an author to correct and re-upload in a trial-and-error method, Nook Press provides the options to both preview and modify the file which will be on sale, ultimately allowing for a better quality product and a less frustrating process for the author. 

This weekend is filled with birthday parties for me, which means fun with family but unfortunately less time to write.  What about you? How are your weekends going?

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