July 31, 2013

Mid-summer Recap

Somewhat unbelievably and much too quickly, July has come to an end.  For me, this month has been filled with chaos and many ups & downs. 

Some of the highlights include successfully meeting my Camp NaNoWriMo goal for my next manuscript, and Life Under Examination winning the Blogger Book Fair Reader's Choice Award!  Moments like those help keep me going in the face of my growing agent rejection count.  I have also entered my first manuscript in 5 RWA chapter contests, so I am anxiously awaiting the preliminary results. Unfortunately it'll be a long wait as those are 6-10 weeks away.

In case you missed them, I have also had two guest posts published in July. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts! 
Of course, though the conclusion of July means the conclusion of Camp NaNo, a writer's work is never done.  This manuscript still needs to be finished, more guest posts need to be written, and other fun events are constantly coming up, not to mention daily life, both on this blog and in the non-virtual world.  

Welcome to my whirlwind! Let's see what August brings...


  1. Yep, July was a crazy writing month. Congrats on winning the Blogger Book Fair Reader's Choice Award, Aria! :0)