July 5, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #31

This past week has been more than simply busy, in a way best illustrated by numbers:
  • Words written in new manuscript: 6,930
  • Form rejection count: 4
  • Silent rejections: 1
  • 5-star review count for Life Under Examination: 2
  • Blog posts I've intended to write, but haven't yet: 2
But that last category will have to wait some more, since today is Friday, and that means it's time for Flash Fiction!  Today's prompt requires 200 words +/- 5 on this photo:

Hide & Seek

Chloe’s giggle echoed around her. The others would never find her in here!

Her lilac glow lit the air, casting shadows as she stretched in the near darkness. There wasn’t quite enough space for her wings to expand, but she could always just crawl out. The rough pattern of the walls entertained her fingertips as she waited.

“Chloooeee!” Strum sang somewhere outside.

She pursed her lips and held her breath. Strum’s hearing was the best of all of them, and sounds were amplified in here.

Thuds vibrated through her hiding place, and Chloe yelped, then sighed. Leave it to the humans to ruin their fun!

A shadow blocked the round entrance to her hideaway. “Gotcha!” Strum announced.

Another thud knocked him off his perch, and he tumbled in, crashing into her. His fiery-golden glow joined hers, blending the colors against the perfect backdrop of the darkness. Both giggled at the beauty.

“Shh!” Chloe chastised. “They’ll hear us!”

“The humans? They never hear anything!” He settled next to her. “Great hiding place! You think the others will find us?”

A fizzing filtered into the iron tube.

“What’s that?” Chloe asked, scrambling toward the exit. She didn’t hear Strum’s answer.

Strangely colorful mist trailed the cannonball.

(204 words)


  1. This is such a playful story that takes you by surprise. It flows beautifully and the ending. . . oops. Brilliant chick. xxx

    1. Thanks – not really sure where the murderous ending came from, but there you go haha.

  2. I love it.. poor Strum.
    Very creative and out of the box.

    I do have a question though, what are these bullet-points at the top of some of your posts?

    Keep it up and good luck next week.

    1. Thanks!

      The bullet points are a kind of recap for what I've been up to lately, keeping track of my progress toward publication, the completion of my next book, etc. They are sporadic at best...