July 26, 2013

BBF: Coming to a Close

It's the last day of the Blogger Book Fair! While one of the benefits of a virtual event such as this one is the fact that you can continue to read all of the fantastic guest posts, excerpts, etc., it is the last day to take advantage of some promotions such as discounted books and giveaways—so don't forget to check those out.

In this fast-paced week, writers and bloggers have come together, demonstrating our strength and reach as a community (despite the relatively small percentage of community members actively participating in this particular event). The purpose of this event was promotion, and fun, but the implications of our community's potential shouldn't be ignored. 

Given the opportunity, we can have an immense impact simply by doing what we do best. So, I would like to use this final BBF post on my site to remind everyone about a project organized specifically to provide that opportunity: Scripting Change. This community effort depends on writers, and bloggers, to contribute to their efforts for the sake of raising money to support fiscally responsible nonprofit organizations. This year's recipient is the MSTR Scholarship Foundation, which offers financial assistance to students affected by chronic illness. 

Each and every one of us can help, whether by liking the project's Facebook page, submitting a piece of poetry or short fiction (guidelines here), or spreading the word.

Our Words Can Change the World

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